AD Maker 2015 Preview: The Creative Race to Ultimate Glory!

nsu admaker
A part of the campus set-ups for ADmaker '14

AD Maker is known to be one of the extravagant events that challenges the skillful minds of the young generation and motivates them to portray their creativity on a huge platform. The journey started in the year 2010 as INTRA-NSU TVC making competition. The towering response led universities all over Bangladesh to engage themselves and to prepare for the event. With the guidance a group of talented individuals such as Kausik De and M. Muntasir Alam, the teams progressed; the educative sessions helped them gather experience and shape their creative side along the way. The mentors were chosen to assist the crafting of ingenious works, aiding them through helpful feedback and constructive criticism. The competition received full support from Banglalion, the title sponsor and INTERSPEED, the strategic partners of the aspiring event. In its very first year, it attracted a lot of attention from the young minds, eventually leading to the selection of 127 teams.

Such was the extent of success of AD Maker 2010 that in 2011, the competition as a whole flashed through the steps of grandeur and took it to the national level. The unstoppable zeal from the organizers were met and matched by Unilever Bangladesh and together, they took the competition to the next level with CLEAR presents AD Maker Bangladesh 2011; Asiatic JWT served as the strategic partner that time around. The whole competition was a resounding success and it was attended by big names of the media industry such as Amitabh Reza, Piplu R Khan, Prithwi Raj, Rashed Zaman, Nafis Sarwar, and Shakib Chowdhury.

nsu admaker
The relentless passion of the organizers is one of the strongest roots of Admaker’s success

With a change of calendar came even higher expectations, the scales needed to be weighed down even further. The organizers wanted to shatter all prior records of outstanding management and organizational skills; the aim was to organize an event to a scale that has never ever been witnessed on campus grounds and the motivation was the mammoth bragging rights that awaited on the other side of the tunnel. The organizers teamed up with Unilever Bangladesh again and partnered up with ADCOMM as the strategic partner and created CLEAR presents AD Maker Bangladesh 2012 for the second time, the tournament had 272 participating teams and till date, it remains to be one of the most spectacular business competitions that have ever been held in the country.

nsu admaker
The best of the best of Admaker ’12.

The next AD Maker competition was held in 2014, in a time when the competition has had already established and maintained its growing reputation, when business students all over the country yearned to earn their spot of glory in the competition. OTOBI became the title sponsor, while Toyota-Navana co-sponsored the event and Grey Advertising became the strategic partner. For the first time in its history, the competition introduced integrated marketing campaigns in its preliminary rounds making it much better than it used to be. 372 teams from the whole country participated in this event. In the meantime, the number of participating teams from Chittagong saw such a rise that a regional preliminary round had to be held to ensure that only the best came forward to fight for glory in the finale.

nsu admaker
A glimpse of the grand finale of AD Maker ’14

The rich history and heritage of NSU Ad Maker unified together with the respective sponsors and humble but hard-working participants to let the world believe that Ad Maker is just going to get better by the year. High expectations set on stone, the audience eagerly awaits to see what tricks the contestants have up their sleeves to present in order to impress the judges during the Grand Finale of AD Maker ’15.
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