Album Launch: Minerva biday shongbidhan



Biday Shongbidhan was the name of the album released by the groove metal band Minerva under the banner of Incursion music. It was their debut album release. As the minutes past the iftar passed on an outflow of music fans from all across the city gushed through the gates to Incursion, all bringing forth the same notion of appreciation for music in their hearts, for it was the day of Minerva, a band the members and the notion of which were to remain anonymous in midst of the everyday crowd… that rose and fought through social stigmas and hardship and have come to be at the top of the hill only through the outflow of their creativity, the one to look up to, the one to respect, appreciate and the one to love, such bore the expressions of about 600 of their fans in black that attended the event.

Minerva biday shongbidhan
Minerva biday shongbidhan

It was the 12th of July 2013. A particularly hot day only to become even more saturated with the heat of hundreds of fans in a room patiently waiting for their glorious heroes.
“The response is overwhelming, I’m speechless” – Minerva. They added “we never expected this many people waiting in the heat, after a hard day of fasting to come by and patiently and so eagerly being a part of this very special day of ours, we couldn’t have asked for any better! “ said a member of the band.
Minerva biday shongbidhanwas presented to the band by Rock music icons such as Lincoln bhai from Artcell, Majed bhai the band manager of Warfaze, Jewel from Miles, Jamshed bhai of Powersurge and Oni bhai from Warfaze.
Lincoln bhai said that the band’s guitar riffs, drum beats and vocals were “spot on!”
Oni bhai said that the band is “gonna go places!”
Jewel bhai from Miles said that he was blown away! When he first saw their performance.
The event was covered by ETV as well as many newspapers and blogs.
All these good words from great people, from one’s icons, accompanied with the cheers of hundreds of their fans is all that is for creative minds, these are what artists strive for, thrive for, and transcend to. These remains when everything else fades….and it is worth every bit of the pain, hardship, blood sweat and tears that a true artist must endure through only for a moment such as this. And that’s a fact! Few can ever comprehend the fact of the value of these ever elusive moments except one’s who had shine amongst, Appreciation; it is all that is for us.


Minerva, the band synonymous with many underground rock shows, was officially formed at 21st Feb 2009. The band had thus far undergone a number of changes in their lineup. Fighting through, they had had their first share of the limelight during the 2011 Battle of the Bands, during which band members Rafsan and Bijoy had picked up the accolades of Best Guitarist and Best Drummer, respectively. Since then the band has performed through numerous shows.
The recording for the album started since 2012. The album consisting of 8 title tracks has an interesting share of influences starting from Metallica to Lamb of God. Two of their tracks feature a slow, moddy, heavy rhythm and beat which are mentioned to be heavily influenced by Metallica.
Bijoy, the drummer of Minerva had said “We are going to start doing shows after the month of Ramadan. Feel’s great!”
Bijoy wrote the lyrics of 4 of the 8 songs of the album. Of which “Shongbidhaner Biday” the last track of the album, he commented: “is written against piracy which is like a virus spreading through contemporary media and destroying the virtue of honesty.”
The band is also going to release a music video of their title “Ashirbad” soon.
Shohan, the band manager and in charge of the band’s marketing sector has referred to the band as being very ambitious, passionate, united and friendly. He spoke of the many aims and ambitious of the band, “The band has a goal to re-establish the huge metal scene in BD that once was but has dissolved into obscurity ever since.” – Shohan. With dreams of a world tour the band is said to embark on a nationwide tour to establish their goals and to spread the power and influence of Rock, inspiring many as they do so.


  • Ishtiak Tanvir Ishmi (vocalist)
  •  Sultan Rafsan Khan (guitarist)
  • Injamamul Haque Galib (guitarist)
  • Nayeel Risat (bassist)
  • Tawfiq Ahmed Bijoy ( drummer)

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