The Architecture of Sound, Shironamhin new album preview


To name one of the most original, powerful, creative and influential rock bands this country has yet seen Shironamhin doesn’t come second to none. Shironamhin had started out their journey in their campus life back in 1996, infused with radiant glow of youth, following the footsteps of the soul, searching for the essence of the truth that lies within, invigorating it, exposing it, constructing it.
Such has these architects of music done.
Shironamhin had produced 3 albums so far and have partaken in 5 mixed album in their journey.
Their lyrics are raw, pure, with a hint of the melancholy that makes it even the more beautiful and truthful.
“Shironamhin” their self-titled album is releasing within few days through the label of Siren, a concern of Incursion music. It is going to be the biggest release of this year and we couldn’t have asked for any better!

The album is to have a total of 10 tracks. Of which there are 9 brand new original releases and 1 bonus track titled “Chithi pouche jabe” a song that has represented Bangladesh in the Walk the World event 2009- Partnering World Food Program (WFP).
There is also to be the release of “Abar hashimukh” which is a “sequel” of their track “Hashimukh” a release of their 2004 released album Jahaji, one of the band’s signature songs, and also one of the most influential and creatively awe inspiring! A music video of the song is also yet to be released by the band, a trailer for the video has been released in their YouTube channel.
Shironamhin fans and new listeners alike are in a bit of a treat here as this album has been said by the band members and related individuals to be their masterpiece! “It has the best of everything Shironamhin are known best for; artistically it is their best work yet! And all the members had performed their greatest here. They have hit the mark here!” said Arif Rahman of Incursion music.
Guitar and drum works are heavy on this album, so metal and rock listeners alike are going to find this a delight for their senses.
The album has taken Shironamhin one and a half year to complete and for good cause, expect nothing but the best folks coz this is going to be The Ultimate Shironamhin Experience! That you all have been waiting for shironamhin new album.