Band in Focus: Story Tellers (Bangladesh)


terIn a time when the underground cannot be called “dead”, the mainstream is going through ups and downs and the inspiration for amateurs to take up music is still high, you see bands coming up who would want to offer a bit more to the audience – may be just an extra mile to take on.One such band is Story Tellers. In the days when metal music is on the rise again and the rock cult is scattered here and there, you do not get to see bands that would come up and take the initiative to bring back the old grunge colors through the likes of Pearl Jam and Alice In Chains – a change through this band was necessary.
Story Tellers 2
Starting out in 2008, Adnan, on drums, and Farhat, as vocals, lead out on a journey to bring hard rock back into the stages of Dhaka, covering bands stretching from Ozzy Osbourne to Mr. Big to the modern aural delish like Slash’s Snakepit and A7X, with a bit of Fate and Maiden running here and there. The band had a history where it had to go through a lot of changes in members. The major change, in sound, the band went through was when they recruited their guitarist Titam into the act. Titam suggested that they start doing some grunge covers, which led to the outlet of grunge music from the band. Starting out with covering Pearl Jam and AIC, the band stretched its’ sound reach to Stone temple Pilots and Audioslave. The band is pretty matured with the overall sound output it produces now, always looking for improvements to make and perfect themselves. Story Tellers is busy doing gigs almost every month and dedicating the rest of their time in recording their first debut album.

Some might argue that the band is not as matured as people make it look like. At the end of the day, we do not see many bands coming up and covering grunge music in the underground scene. Yet, to take up this aspect of music and trying to do something with it is still commendable or as Shahed Hossain from Poraho puts it, “besh bhalo!”