When Past Meets Present- Dhaka Rock Music Fair

Dhaka Rock Music Fair
Dhaka Rock Music Fair

Youthsparks believe that attending audience do not dictate success, what does is the ultimate achievement. So, we have small gigs, metal gigs, established Get Ampeds, and magnanimous RockNations – one element that all these lack is the presence of all generations of music, at the same time, in one platform, and that is an achievement which made Dhaka Rock Music Fair 2013 a huge success!

Amidst skepticism, the event kicked off on the 16th of November in a well-lit hall-room at Drik Gallery, which witnessed all the music brands across generations coming together with their product. While ShurjoRajjo was amazing everyone with their online strategies, brands like Dugudgi were out there to know that you can still kill piracy. Brands like Incursion were not behind too. Other than a stall, they viewed the official video of Cryptic fate’s Akromon and Bhorer Opekkha, entertaining the visitors for a major chunk of the time. And even in a hall-room, Heavy Metal T-Shirts stole the whole show with a huge number of sales! The main highlight of the event was the online release of “making-a-come-back” Scarecrow’s EP, and up for purchase through Dugdugi, which witnessed almost half of the crowd in the auditorium waiting till 8pm in the evening anticipating the release of a new sound from the band. The whole event was graced by the presence of big names in the industry, like Isha Khan Duray, Asif Iqbal Jewel, LiveSquare’s Nafis Ahmed and Incursion’s Saadi Rahman and many more!

In a nutshell, the event has managed to bring the past, starting from RockStrata, to the present, ending at the new and upcoming; passionate, enthusiastic and aspiring, into the same platform for a discourse. The platform was not only a friendly exchange, rather it made all the music generations know each other better, share ideas and progress towards prosperity together. Such an idea deserves a salute.