Eid in Bangladesh


Oh the joy, Eid is here! I’m sure you are pretty much aware of it already- the constant honking of vehicles in the roads, people swearing because of traffic and heat, the traffic controller having anger issues since they cannot have food(their intake of food is substituted by the consumption of ‘hard-earned’ money; let us spare the details!), sight of people spitting in the streets. Hey, don’t get me wrong- I’m not neither anti-Eid nor anti-Ramadan! It’s just that, these are some of the aspects of our country that makes us (nearly) regret the fact that Eid is here.


See, this other day, I was out shopping. If it were any typical working day, the crowd would have been barely bearable. However, that day, the place was a beehive full of swarming bees- get the picture? Pushing and shoving my way out of the battlefield, I have had to survive through numerous people stepping on my poor feet(or for the huge ones, nearly trying to stomp me!), and the constant droning and buzzing of the “bees”, along with the rainfall, and did I mention the best part- cars whooshing by to spray me with mud?


Yes, do not get me started with the shops! Do not go shopping at this point of time, because the shopkeepers, in this auspicious occasion of Eid, bear the power of tearing out your hearts and handing it on your hands just by stating the prices of the products, which is usually double or triple the original one, just because “Eid er season toh apa..daam toh ektu beshi hoiboi!!!” Nonetheless, many will go and buy the most expensive ones, just because they have to show their next-door bhabi’s their “simple” purchases for Eid! “Janen shari tar daam koto? Beshi na, matro 20,000! Dekhen kotto shundor kaaj kora!!


Some of you must be cursing me for my negative perspective towards Eid, but good heavens, NO, that is not what I’m saying. Hey, it is Ramadan after all, with Eid coming very soon. Isn’t it supposed to be a month of sacrifice? You sacrifice your food, that doesn’t mean you will have to get edgy and shout in the middle of the road; just because you are fasting and you are hungry! Just because you are fasting and you have to get back home for some cool air, doesn’t mean you will create a havoc on your way and leave a trail of destruction behind you with all those shouting and misbehavior- is this what you call the spirit of Ramadan?


Yes, it is Eid, and it’s time to give! It’s time to buy new clothes. Yes bhabi, I appreciate that you bought a 20,000 taka sari for yourself, but have you thought of buying a frock for that poor kid who works at your place? She is the one who helps you with all the chores, right? It is for her you can go shopping in the first place- while SHE manages YOUR household; you shop for your-own-self! Sheesh, is this what you call the spirit of Ramadan?


Even after all these, you gotta love Dhaka for its noisy and active personality, but at the same time, don’t you think a shred of humanity could do all of us good? So yes people…this Eid, BUCKLE UP!! The fun lies in giving…so if you just buy a 10tk candy for that kid with the dazzling Colgate smile across the street. The happiness on his face, and his Colgate smile, will be the greatest gift for you this Eid!


So enjoy, and let others enjoy this Eid….Eid Mubarak!