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Tuesday, 29 May 2012
Written by Ahmed Fahad
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Enlighten Events

In 2009 the entire country of Bangladesh was shaken to its roots by the outbreak of the Army Mutiny. After this terrible incident, hundreds were either killed or injured, many lost their homes and family. “Witnessing all this while not being able to stop it was terrible for us”, said the members of the Enlighten Group. So, in 2009 they took an oath to empower the youth of the country; making sure that it is a safer place for them to live in. From here, their journey had merely begun. Enlighten Events is a primary concern of Enlighten Group formed in October 2009. Believing in development, Enlighten Events is organizing all sorts of private and corporate events regularly. Some of their most recent events are Enlighten Under-18 Soccer Championship, Tank Park Indoor Soccer Championship – Season 3, GYC Outdoor Soccer Championship, GYC Street Primera (soccer event), The Red Court Kick Off, Broomfield 4V4 Shootout. Other than organizing renowned soccer tournaments, Enlighten Events is also renowned for its world class interactive events such as the FIFA Generation seasons. In such short time, The Enlighteners have taken the country by a storm with their wide range of concerns such as Enlighten Events, Enlighten Technologies, Enlighten Trading etc.

Their aim is to build a society where the youth is independent and responsible enough to tackle any and every problem faced. With this in mind, they are going for their biggest gig yet, the Invisible Children Bangladesh Program, which will be an effort to raise a respectable amount to donate to a movement named “Kony 2012”. This movement is against child torture and abuse in Africa and all over the world. Kony tops the International Criminals List and Enlighten Events are organizing this event to help overcome the effects caused by Kony in Africa and making the invisible youth visible once again. As planned, there will be concerts, t-shirt sales, fund raising campaigns, awareness campaigns all over Dhaka and Bangladesh; all the proceeds made from the events of the Invisible Children Bangladesh Program will be respectively handed over to Jason Russell, the founder of Invisible Children Inc. Enlighten Events is the first organization in Bangladesh take initiative in this non-profit program for “Kony 2012”. Enlighten Group’s motto is to believe in Development, and keeping that in mind, some part of the proceeds from every event is utilized in the purpose of taking Bangladesh above the poverty line with the help of the talented youth of our country. Their journey has not ended; there is still a long way to go. Organizations like Enlighten Group are the key to take our country forward. We are all very proud of our youth and their talent which seems to be endless.