Facebook Shopping Guide

Facebook Shopping Guide
Facebook Shopping Guide

Shopping real life has become too mainstream, so what have we apt as a cooler way of shopping? The obvious “Online shopping”. These days on Facebook we will find more shops together than we can find in a single mall; cloths, jewelry, shoes, accessories… you name it, you will find it. Therefore, to no surprise we see that these BD based “Facebook Page Shops” have grown in popularity and in demand. All thanks to the lazy bugs and busy bees for this though.


When it comes to the most popular buys on Facebook, we find- Cloths, and Accessories to be ruling the charts. Well today we will have an eye and guide on these the Youth-sparks way.


Clothing is probably the first branch through which the online stores actually started off, T-shirts to be more exact. You go through the albums with the funky selection of T-s or pants, you order, they deliver, you pay and voila you get what you want. Sounds simple right? Well it is and that is the perks of online shopping- No Hard work. But the problem arises when your order doesn’t exactly turn out to be what you want it to be like. It doesn’t fit right, the color looked better in the picture or the quality isn’t to your satisfaction. Well there is no exact solution to the problem of color and quality, but what you could do is buy from a renown “online store”, they have obviously hold on to their street cred because of their good quality nor they would have been out of the business long ago. And when it comes to the size problem, which I believe is a issue most of us face, because you are confused whether you are medium or large? The best solution is that you provide the pages with your body measurements and ask them what is your size to that particular clothing (S, M, L, XL). Then they can inform you the perfect size you need and you get the right size. Everyone’s Happy now.


All these problems though never occur on the most money making branch of clothing line “The Salwer Kamiz”. Most of them are unstitched 3-pieces, which gives the benefit of tailoring it to your size and about the quality control? Well, majority of the “Online Kamiz Stores” are like catalog books. You surf their page see the designs, the prices and you order them but you don’t get a home delivery. You go to the owner’s house or physical shop and check out those to confirm your choice and buy them. So the quality and color is always to your gratification. Well it isn’t very different from a general retail store, but here the perk being is that you get to compare the prices right in-front of your screen. You can open all the different pages, and see for yourself what the similar kamizes are costing at different pages. No more hassling yourself from store to store. Also, you get to see and know about the new collection right the moment they arrive.


These days the online clothing stores are not only limited to the widespread clothing but we see various online pages dedicated to the special clothing like Designer Hijabs, Designer Lahengas and Sarees, which are usually custom made one pieces. But for me the favorite is the custom made T-shirts. You send the picture you want on your T-shirt and your size and you get it, (YAY!)


Well “Online Jewelry Stores” are actually my favorite pages that have happened on Facebook. You find rare jewelry you would not find in the general market. Funky Skull chains to punk mustache rings, classic crystal earrings to sweet ribbon bangles, the range is absolutely diverse and spectacular from pages to pages. There is so less that can go wrong with jewelry buying. The fitting is usually never a problem, most jewelry come in adjustable sizes. Moreover, even if they don’t the sizes are always mentioned and you can measure your wrists and fingers to confirm. The quality, again reliable stores give reliable results. Most stores usually deliver the orders within 3-4 days, but if you are ordering a Special Item, then it sometime requires 3-4 weeks. So before buying be sure to check the time period for the order delivery.

I personally believe this is awesome for girls, because boys can now buy gifts easily online without their uneasiness to go into a girl’s store.


Hair clips and mobile accessories are just the same when it comes so online buys, usually free of problems, rather what you get more are beautiful and diverse collection. Though spectacles and sunglasses are exceptions, the quality never seems to be in standard, no matter how pricey you buy them. Well there are certain things which are just better to buy through REAL experience.


Perhaps, the part which is tricky when it comes to online shopping is the “shoes and bags” part. Shoes are absolute monsters, a pair of shoes might fit you in 36 or 37, but you can never understand it until you don’t wear it. There is no measurement which gives you the accurate shoe size. So even though you find beautiful shoes online, there is no perfect guide to buy them. Bags are a little less tricky, the pictures mostly provide you with the guide on how long it will be when you take them, the size and the design. The fabric combinations are given, you can assume it even further form the pictures. But you will never get the real feel, so understanding maybe hindered of the real deal. Yet here you will have a better insight. Furthermore, what adds more problem to “shoes and bags” buying is the fact that typically these are expensive and all the pages require you to pay 50% advance. So you buy these with uncertainty of the perfect product with a lot of money! In conclusion, it is on your instinct that you hopefully order the right size and receive the perfect product.


Heads Up: It’s wise not to shop on Facebook pages with credit cards, as there are certain pages which are scams. And when you are paying 50% advances, make sure to have a receipt as a source of reliability.


Hopefully, this answers a lot of confusion, queries and hesitations when it comes to online shopping and further guides you in certain arenas. Online shopping is fun and easy; you just have to be smart and careful how you do it. Now I will leave you to explore.

Happy Shopping.