Facebook vs Twitter


The rise of social networking in this decade can be called one of the biggest phenomenon of this century. Now who could have thought that u can become a billionaire by just creating a website. At the start of this decade people might have called this a stupid dream cause it seemed un real. But now it is more than just real, it’s the biggest network in this whole world. A network that connect millions of people and if there is any doubt about who is the god father of this phenomenon, well it’s Mark Zuckenberg the co-owner of facebook and father of the biggest social networking site this world has ever known . Facebook was launched in February 2004, lured 135.4 million unique visitors to its site in April 2010 for a whopping 3.2 billion total visits! It has undoubtedly conquered the web .

But there is another networking site who is dancing high on its heel, Twitter . Twitter has been hugely famous for its attraction from the celebrities. The word tweeting is now a common word for all the hot shot celebs. The addiction of tweeting has taken full effect on people. Twitter allows people to connect with their favorite celebrities directly which has become very intruding to a common day user . According to an analytics source, twitter, launched in March 2006, had 21.5 million unique visitors in April 2010 for 147.4 million total visits. The existence of twitter certainly did not get unnoticed.
Statistics :

88 percent of people are aware of Facebook, while 87 percent are aware of Twitter

12 percent of Facebook users update their status every day vs. 52 percent for Twitter

males make up 46 percent of Facebook users, and 48 percent of Twitter

30 percent access Facebook via mobile vs. 37 percent for Twitter

40 percent follow a brand on Facebook vs. 25 percent on Twitter

70 percent of Facebook users are outside the U.S. vs. 60 percent for Twitter
Why do people use Twitter?

The usefulness of twitter is not as obvious as facebook. Still it might be more addictive than facebook if u get the hang of tweeting. You get more immediate response in twitter. It also has a better search engine compared to facebook. In twitter u can get to stay updated by just tweeting and it allows u to connect with any one you want to. The theme of twitter is also very creative, it itself has its own addictiveness .
Why do people use facebook?

Facebook helps you reconnect with your old friends and family members or find new friends. The features of facebook is a huge hit amongst every one. Like instant messaging, image and video sharing, etc. While twitter is a bit harder to get used to at first. In facebook you can directly massage your friend or family so the burden of e-mail is getting very less each day. As a matter of fact, most people using facebook barely use e-mail.
So which network is the best ?

Well both the social-networking sites has their own advantages and disadvantages and will tend to appeal differently to different types of people. The usefulness of each network can be very different to a certain person. So I will say its a tie between two of the biggest social networks in the web .