It is pretty difficult to find a celebrity in the making defining himself as “weird”; someone who does not have a care in the world if he is wearing shorts and slippers to work, and that people might find that as unacceptable. But yes, that is exactly the way he rolls- one of the most renowned photographers in today’s modern era-Shuvo Khan, now known as Shuvz Khan.

When this young photographer used to be much younger, he liked taking snapshots of himself, and that is what made the passion for photography grow. At that time, he was a student of Shanto-Mariam University of Creative Technology, and thought of completing a photography course from there. Shuvz says, “I used to score the highest mark in class, and my sir was very encouraging as well. So that is what got me started from April 2010”.

(Almost) 2 years. Accomplishments? Two-hundred projects! So what were your most memorable ones, Shuvz? “BATEXPO 2010, 2010 Hip Hop Fest… and being the official photographer for Miss Canada-amazing experience! I also worked on Emos for the first time in 2011. I enjoyed working for my project on the Tribals, and I worked on a number of projects with Banglalink and also did a project with Habib-unforgettable ones!”

Shuvz Khan has recently started cinematography. His latest projects include a Cox’s Bazaar Sea Beach Wedding and a Hip Hop Music Video (January 2012). He also talks about two of his latest projects published: Banglalink Remittance and Banglalink Flashmob.

Apparently, the other field of interest of this passionate photographer lies in Music. As said by him, “I had a band, did concerts, and I am recently getting offers from musicians. But I don’t have time. If I get the time…” then yes, chances are, we will also see the Musician Shuvz!

Future plans? “Stick to what I am currently doing- photography, cinematography, and Drama making as well. Currently working as Director’s Assistant, I have done more than 50 dramas. This is my main source of income, so yeah; I will have to stick to it. Besides these, I will work on my music as well”.

Secret behind the success? “People have accepted me easily, despite the fact that I go against the grammar of photography and tend to follow my own unique style. I am grateful they took it easily. Thanks for all the love!”

As it seems, haters have contributed a lot to his popularity- the icon himself admits it! Not to forget, Shuvz Khan has also left a big Thank You for all the haters who hate him and thus helped him climb the ladder to success. Big cheers to that!