The Grand Daddy of em All- Rocknation


So, on one hand you have Black – broken and divided, silent like the Christmas Eve. When extremist groups are just not enough to mess your mind up, you have Artcell on the other hand – broke up causing a huge chaos, with little Megadeth-Metallica theories being thrown off here and there. And when you run out of hands, you are asked to keep the idea of Artcell-X on your head and then you realize: You’re juggling to keep yourself still – which LiveSquare: Concerts consider a perfect moment for your ears and eyes to collaborate for good music and enjoy the view as they come up with their dream project: ROCKNATION.

With a mind-blasting line-up, a perfect music venue, and their usual psychedelic fuse of sound and lights, the company finally came up with a project long-due. LiveSquare: Concerts believe that they have been holding off RockNation for a long time due to the shortage of finance – which is clearly reflected in the lineup. Starting from the IndaloMan, Jon Kabir with his magical voice, to the flag-bearer of the music industry, Warfaze, all 7 bands have succeeded to excel in their respective genre of music, bringing you a feast of differences that you have never ate before. Arguably, the best concert of this year claims to give you the best music experience – both visually and aurally – to leave you spellbound in the whirlpool of good music from which you can never return.

Moreover, this treat of eyes and ears is a bit unique because of three key reasons among many:
1. Through this gig, mind-boggling musician Mr. Jon Kabir plans to go solo on stage for the very first time, with hopes of cooking up something different for so many fans who are eagerly waiting to witness this fantastic guy with a brilliant voice. Also, after the release of Awdrishsho, the ratings for this IndaloMan went sky-rocketing high and good stuffs are expected.
2. If you are smart, you will go through the lineup and understand a tricky difference. All 7 bands come from 7 different genres, starting from Warfaze, bringing in the spicy guitar riffs for their heavy metal experience, to Cryptic Fate with their progressively heavy metal tune, to Shunno with their commercialized rock tone, to Nemesis and their layers of experimental rock tunes and many more. Furthermore, with so many types of music flying around, the country is going to witness one of the very few Music Festivals to go down in style, even including the lights of Lalon Geeti, brought to you by the Blue-Jazzy, Band Lalon.
3. Just to maintain the dream, the company has decided to waste less on incentives and more on music this time. Ergo, fans and audiences are asked not to expect any merchandises or any incentives on the ticket. Although fans are disappointed, but we believe the company is right on their belief of a true music experience and the experience itself is a profitable offset for the incentives.

Therefore, we at youthsparks end this article on a positive perspective. With the demise of two huge names in the industry and one standing tall, leading from the front, we believe this gig is going to build crucial bridges – in terms of hooking people into music again and supporting the scene more. Good gigs are a sign of unity, and the scene has not experienced a good gig since the last LiveSquare venture on New Years’ Eve. This Music management company, undoubtedly one of its’ kind has always risen to the occasion of saving the scene through their efforst to bring collectivity back and this project seem no less than that. Therefore, like always, the expectations of deliverance is high from LiveSquare and we believe with such an efficiency, they are deemed to deliver this time as well. It is time to Rock The Nation!