‘Guerilla’ Turning Out To Be A Blockbuster Hit


Guerilla, a movie based on the liberation of our motherland, has won the hearts of millions of spectators who watched the movie. Since its release in nationwide theaters on 14th April, people literally rushed to get tickets of the movie and enjoyed watching the movie with family and friends. Most theaters nationwide are still ‘housefull’ during this movie’s showtimes.

Some parts of this movie consist of real scenes from the war in Dhaka Sector during 1971, the characters in those scenes are real as well. Joya Ahsan, the main character in this movie, acts as a teacher in Eden College who helps the bengali guerillas in different ways and later on goes on to take direct part in the war.

The movie is based on Syed Shamsul Haque’s ‘Nishiddho Loban’ and Naseer Uddin Yousuf’s own experience of the war in 1971.