How to Identify Prevent or Fix Laptop Overheating


From last few years sale of laptops has increased by 25% whereas sale of desktop machines has reduced. Along with increasing demand of laptops and change in time, technology has been upgraded proportionally. Day by day laptops are getting slimmer, compact, low weight and providing high performance output. IF we speak in technical way we can say that with change in time laptop hardware was put into slimmer/thinner cases. But these developments became a threat for your laptop by overheating. An overheating of your laptop can cause permanent hardware failure. Today we will try to learn about how to identify, prevent or fix laptop overheating.

Symptoms of Laptop Overheating

Below are the three points which can help out to identify overheating of your laptop.

– Sudden shut-down of your asset to prevent hardware damage.

– Speed of Fan increases which can be felt by increase in fan noise.

– Reduce in laptop performance as CPU increases its speed of clock to escape the heat pressure.

Root Cause for Laptop Overheating

Laptop overheating occurs due to insufficient cooling and below are the two major reasons:

– Dust/dirt settling in your laptop and causing blockage of ventilation.

– Thermal grease compound getting stocked between CPU and heat sink.

Steps to Prevent or Fix Laptop Overheating

– External Cooler:

External cooler is cooling pad which has 2-3 fans connected on to which laptop is placed. It provides an additional cooling to your laptop. And it’s important to understand the flow of in and out air of your laptop before you shop any cooling pad.

Usually cooling pad is much more useful for the laptops which have grills underneath. Input to cooling pad gets from USB port and it consumes laptop power. Also, cooling pads are easily available in the market and its cost varies around $8 to $30 only.

– Strong base for Laptops

Maximum percentage of laptops has ventilation grills at the bottom of the laptop. If such laptops are kept on uneven surfaces like bed, lap or pillow, it causes disturbance in the flow to air from laptop. Ultimately cooling is not optimal, thus causing heat build up so the bottom of temperature gets build up. All this can be avoided by keeping your laptop on a hard surface like table or strong hard tray.

– Re-assembling of your laptop.

Above 2 methods were external methods but this method will require re-assembling of your laptop. Now as we know that removal of dust/dirt is mandatory to avoid laptop overheating so you need to have a good internal knowledge of your laptop which can be easily obtain from downloading a user manual of your laptop brand or you can simply knock the doors of nearest and trusted computer repair stores.

Now once you have opened the laptop you need to clean the fans which are providing cooling to graphics card and CPU, and prior to doing this make sure that your laptop is shut down and battery is removed. You can use cotton swab dipped in thinner/stain remover to remove the thermal grease compound collected near the heat sink. The most important part in this step is to be careful while cleaning your fan- don’t spin the fan in the wrong direction; this may cause damage to your asset.

Finally, today you have learnt how to avoid overheating of your laptop and I am just introducing myself to give background idea that I am senior tech at USA Computer Store and we are well know for laptop repair Broward and laptop repair Fort Lauderdale

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