Foodies’ Utopia: Lake Terrace

Lake Terrace
Isn't it Beautiful?

I had to make plans for my two year anniversary and I was looking for somewhere special to have lunch with my better half and by ‘Special’, I mean a serene, good looking place with a great menu, and preferably one that does not burn a hole through my pocket. Anyone who has looked for a restaurant matching the above criteria in Dhaka has literally had to go through hell to find one, so I braced myself and raised hell on my keyboard while using immense bandwidths, surfing through tens of tabs until after about an hour, I found a place called Lake Terrace in Uttara which literally caused my bottom jaw to drop. The Facebook page alone had photos which literally got me yearning to go there and the snaps of the dishes! My good god! I thought that if they taste half as good as they look, it’s worth it!

 Lake Terrace

On the day of the occasion, I kept my fingers crossed and hoped for the place to be perfect and not the social pretentious type (Judging by the actual quality of a lot of restaurants in Dhaka compared to what they pretend to be in their respective pages), but the moment I stepped in there, I knew that I have been able to select the perfect venue for the big day and just by looking at the face of my special one, I knew she was mesmerized and I could not be happier. We arrived at around 11:45am which is just 15 minutes after the opening time, 11:30am, and we were afraid that probably we have to wait outside or something like that cause we have had similar prior experiences as a couple, but instead, we were welcomed by a very friendly manager and his competent staffs, sadly for us though, the chef had just arrived minutes earlier and required time to prepare his kitchen and we were informed that we had to wait about an hour for the food, but we were glad to oblige since we had time and the view was a marvelous one, we went through the menu which was an excellent one since it had a lot of options, and I mean A WHOLE LOT! There were probably 20 categories in the menu and when I asked the manager if they had it all, he replied with a smile, “If you order it, we will cook it for you, except for our ‘Imports’ section which requires imported ingredients, which are not available throughout the year” (Click Here to check out the menu) My lady ordered ‘Teriyaki Chicken’ (325tk) while I ordered ‘BBQ Roasted Ribs’ (1395tk) along with soft drinks. We waited for the food while enjoying the breeze and the view, got talking to each other and lost track of time.

Lake Terrace
Teriyaki Chicken

We were pretty hungry by the time the food came in and when it was served onto our table, I watched and waited for my girl to take the first bite and when she lifted the fork towards her mouth, my heart stopped for a second, the day had to be perfect and the food is a prominent part and it has to be perfect as well! And when I saw her expressions, I breathed a sigh of relief and dug into mine and WOW!! It was delicious, the beef had loads of flavor into it, and it was juicy, pink in the middle, roasted perfectly, it had the perfect crust and along with the sauce, it tasted awesome! The food actually tastes better than it looks! The service was good; summing up, it was a brilliant experience and I strongly suggest everyone, including all the foodies and all the couples to check out the place. Our only disappointment was that we could not check out the place during the evening, when I bet it’s nicer, but this is a restaurant for all occasions, it’s a great place to celebrate! Some may find the price a tad bit expensive, but I would say that considering the amount and quality of the food served adding the view and the welcoming atmosphere, it’s totally worth it! I personally would like to go back to the place from time to time and explore more into the menu and my better half says the same, and hey! She doesn’t say that everyday!

Lake Terrace
BBQ Roasted Ribs


P.S. I heard from friends that their steak is pretty good, by the way, they are one of the few restaurants in the city who serve their steak as you order it (rare, medium rare, and well done).

Lake Terrace
Location of the Restaurant

Location: 25/e, Lake Drive Road, Sector-7, Uttara, Dhaka, Bangladesh. Just beside the sector-7 bridge. (Phone: 01618377223)

Lake Terrace

Click Here to find their Menu Online.