Maroon 5 Animals Review

Maroon 5 Animals

 “Just Like Animals…” Adam Levine (Maroon 5) Shows The Extreme Thrill Of Being An Animal On Bed!

“…don’t deny the animal…That comes alive when I’m inside you…” Have you ever wondered being a Sexy Beast while you’re with your girl on Bed?? Yeah every human being is an Animal, but Adam Levine will give you that adrenaline rush of being “The MAN” every girl craves for! Directed by Samuel Bayer Maroon 5’s new Music Video “Animals” is a Masterpiece of the Art of the most Hottest Thrilling Love making scenario exposing the Hungry Beast/Animal that comes out in a deep intimate Sex! Being the Animal himself Adam Levine the Lead Vocalist of maroon 5 has scripted a Mind-blowing lyrical phrase delivered by his outstanding voice, followed by unique sense of music produced by the whole band Maroon 5 has come up with their New Music Video “Animals”. Be aware Samuel & Mr. Adam has actually planned to “Hunt you down…” and give your impulse the Bloody Rush of EXCITEMENT! So what are you waiting for?? Have a look at the extremely hot music video by Maroon 5 – Animals now! 😉

Maroon 5 Animals