Mini Game Review


Prior to the release of the 1st ever large-scale Facebook game ( Factory Project) by a Bangladeshi company, Rise Up labs has experimented in the market with the release of three enjoyable mini games. Although relatively low key events when compared to the mass promotional campaign undertaken for Factory Project, the reception for all three games has been relatively favorable.

On the Wire: The game features an electrician, who in order to save the neighborhood from kamikaze birds who will do anything to disrupt the power supply by tripping the power lines, he must repel the birds using a variety of arsenal at his disposal. All the player has to do is exterminate the birds using a selected range of weaponry, and save the neighborhood from power blackouts. Follow to play the game. Happy shooting!

Egg Monster: A relatively straightforward game that requires the player to maneuver a monster around and eat as many chicken eggs as possible, while avoiding the red poisonous eggs. Play this easy and captivating game on

Demon Shooter: A 3rd person shooter game in which the player, whilst in an adventure across a graveyard, must save himself from certain death by shooting at demons and zombies as they attack on all sides in order to feed on his soul. All of this has to be achieved while protecting a beautiful angelic princess from the zombies. Care must be taken not to shoot the princess or the player risks losing a life. The game will be released on the first week of March. Keep your eyes on

After these games, the team at RUL is working tirelessly to perfect Factory Project before its launch on the 15th of April. So spread the word and get ready to indulge yourself in the game. Gear up to start your project!