Much Ado About Nothing…?


I could feel the rage building up inside me, waiting to erupt, but I didn’t really have a choice; I was helpless. I replayed the conversation back in my mind.

“Can I just stay for a little longer, please? It’s just 2.30pm. I’ll be back home by 6. The car is here. Or if you need the car, you can just pick me up on your way back—”

“I don’t think I need to hear these stuffs. You ought to use your own judgment, and be back home on time- you have to be back home as soon as possible.”

“Thank you Bhaiya, I got your point.”

I hung up on his face.

Yeah, very rude of me. Whatever. I really couldn’t care less. It was just very frustrating- the thought of staying caged in inside that tiny room- hell, now I know how my pet bird must have felt before she died; no wonder she bit me every time I tried petting her!

I’m sure these rules and restrictions won’t strike as new to many, because I’m confident that many have suffered my fate at some point in their lives. I know that girls of our society have to follow specific norms and notions to “fit in” into the society, but does that mean that an individual will lose her right to freedom, even if it is at the middle of the day?

I remember how my brother used to complain about me not being a fashionista, and not carrying myself “smartly enough”. Surprisingly enough, even when I did take some attempts to walk on that (very) bumpy road, all I got is a sarcastic quip for being a typical “chick”. Sheesh, make up your mind! When I asked what he actually wanted, he said that I’m not studying enough, and wasting my time on such useless gimmicks. Forgive me, my dearest brother- but actually, I have reached such lengths of boredom, given that I’m stuck at my place 24/7 (don’t forget-I’m not allowed to go outside for goodness-knows-what-reason)that I was forced to turn “girly” and take interest on such “preppy” stuffs! Oops, my bad!

Oh and yes, don’t get me started on the note of education. It is really “awe-inspiring” that how people always seem to think that if we do bad results, we are going downhill (straight to the dogs, I tell you!!), and if they do a good result, they are scared about how your grades may go south anytime, because you are enjoying your (deserved) vacation after that neck-craning hard work for your finals. Funny how all the effort you have had to put gets overlooked, eh?


Oh and wait; this is epic! Don’t you get to hear those “you aren’t mature enough” lines? Ah, then we are on the same page, I’m happy to say! See, no matter what your age is, and regardless of the fact that they don’t even know you properly, they will draw the conclusion that you aren’t just mature enough! But of course, many might bring the argument that elders are raising their children, and older siblings have been seeing their younger ones ever since the moment they were first laid on the white hospital bed, but without any real communication, you can’t just conclude that you know the other person just because you have been seeing them since the time they pooped in their pants. Sometimes, maturity has nothing to do with your age- it also comes with the experiences you have had, the dilemmas you have confronted, and the situations you have overcome.

After so many contradictory views, it is evident that any would throw my article a reproachful look, or just hate it; but one fact you wouldn’t be able to deny is I have spoken the naked truth. This keeps on happening frequently, because we are too dependent on our elders. However, my respect remains for them- they have every right to correct our faults, advise us for our own good- but the feeling just ebbs away when the “trust” factor comes into the mind. Isn’t it important to trust your younger member of the family that they will back home on time, and boost up their confidence by encouraging them without all the rebukes? Is it that difficult to let the youngster/adolescent take her own decisions so that they can learn from their own mistakes, while you overlook their actions? That way, even if they fall down, you will be there to catch them-now, is it that tough?