The YES!ers

The smooth and sleek, round metallic badge with engravings do not define YES!. The black t-shirt with intricately sewn writings in white and blue can be worn by many and still not make them a YES!er. Neither will the stylish black bag with the YES! logo in the middle make you a product of YES!. It is not an easy task to become a part of YES!. Since 1994, the norms of becoming a true member of YES has been evolving; now, the steps to joining NSU YES! is to work with utmost dedication, experience the perks and perils of the club while the ultimate achievement is to bask in the glory of becoming a proud YES! member. Brilliance is an inherited legacy in this club, because Young Entrepreneurs Society choose the very best with the ambition of creating competent leaders for tomorrow through uncountable activities, different events and several entrepreneurial development programs. Currently, NSU YES! is the Premier Business Club of North South University.

In its initial years, YES! was assigned by School of Business with the responsibility of organizing field trips and conducting study tours; it also had an annual publication reflecting the activities of the club. With time, it started evolving by introducing various competitions and exceeding all expectations, becoming the sole or major organizer of most major events organized by the School of Business. How so? The turning point in YES!’s life was created with the commencement of its very first event: NSU Agro Based Business Plan Competition. An initiative of this event in 2007 progressed to workshops, entrepreneurship fairs and seminars. Nonetheless, you would be surprised to know that these achievements of the club were not only the best ones- it was merely the primary rungs of the ladder of success that they were going to climb!

To make history yet for the second time, NSU YES! came up with their next signature event: NSUers Meet Corporate Icons (NMCI). The main objective of this event was to organize a series of seminars conducted by famous corporate personalities. These sessions between the professionals and the students interested to enter the business arena ensure that the latter can take lessons from the experience and battle scars of the former. This event spans over quite a number of days, since YES! is conscious about all the students getting equal opportunity to attain the intelligence of the inspired minds.

nsu yes
When NSUers met their corporate icons

AD Maker- The Creative Fight acted as a catalyst in the process of attaining success. The very first of its kind, its main focus was to portray the participants’ skills of making a television commercial as well as creating Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) campaigns, thus displaying their marketing strategies in the process. The competition aided YES! to gather mass acclamation in the national arena; ingenious university students from all over Bangladesh can be a part of it. The readers would be surprised to know that students from the international frontier have expressed profound interest in the participation of this event, and necessary steps are being taken to make sure that they too can enjoy the Ad Maker experience in the future.

Revisiting a moment from AD Maker 2012

But that’s not it! YES! was unstoppable at this point- then came the event that went nationwide: an inter university strategic business competition termed as Masters of Ideation- The Battle of Supremacy. Still a newbie but influential nonetheless, its journey from 2012 has thrown students in the business battlefield by providing practical business cases for analysis and devising strategic plans for any episode. This goes on without saying that the participants as well as the winners undergo a rigorous practical understanding of how the real business field is supposed to be.

nsu yes
The best of the best in Masters of Ideation

Unless a group of eager-learners and young, quick minds unite together to unify their own ideas, these events are impossible to go through. According to YES!’s mantra, all members are family- each member is groomed accordingly to sharpen the skill they excel at. Not only that- the process helps them to develop the surrounding skills as well. If you ask, how you benefit as a participant of a YES! event then I would say that you are trained- you are trained to handle and tackle the business demons out there in the real world.

In order to assist the young minds of the club, the Faculty Advisor Zulfiqur Ali Haider is always available. Leading the club as the President is Mahdee Kabir, while Mirza Hasin Yamin, Vice President- Corporate Communications is responsible for the external communication of the club. Syed Sakib Ahmed Puman as Vice President-Logistics and Resources is an expert in handling his field. The club’s financial activities are under Arham Rafid with his position of Treasurer. Taskin Matin, in his position of Joint Secretary, manages the internal communication of the club and Rakib Khandaker as General Secretary, meticulously handles the the administrative work. Of course, the members are also an integral part of YES!, with their intense eagerness and dedication towards the club. Having said all of these, need I say what an excellent teamwork the club must have to gift the people of our generation with an event of practical learning with such grandeur?

Therefore, with increasing number of gifted minds choosing to hone their talents through NSU YES! and its diverse activities, it is crystal clear that the club has secured such a position for itself, thus placing it in a prominent and prestigious position from all its counterparts.