“The only requirement is that it needs to sound good to me.”- Rakat Zami


Youthsparks caught up with a young and talented aspiring musician who plans to continue making music. At such an age, the music that he promises to make desevres to be heard all over. Ladies and gentlemen, read more about Rakat Zami.

You have been in Overtone, but that did not continue. You had another solo project as well, but why Embers in Snow?

Basically, having a name is the perfect mean of putting my solo project into the spotlight – hence, Embers in Snow. More than the spotlight, having a name creates the scope to go about this project thematically, rather having a haphazard view under the banner of Rakat Zami. Thematically speaking, I can present this project from multiple angles; I could probably associate a life-story or anything in those lines with just the name in itself – Embers In Snow talking about the life-story of someone – something like that? – So, with this project, unlike my previous project, I have set a theme – a concept. Therefore, I plan to make music based on particular concepts rather than just creating music randomly.

As for “going under the spotlight” is concerned, let us keep that a secret for now. A little sneak peak – I will not be the only one appearing in this project!

As of now, what concept are you planning to pursue for this particular project?

Well, the first concept that I have in mind simply revolves around the concept of “struggle and breaking out of them”. Embers In Snow in itself is a metaphor – like Embers, being the most weakest form of fire, struggling to survive in the vast snow-land – and I intend to channel this particular idea on the album.
Rakat Zami

Speaking of guests, how are you planning to incorporate them?

I plan not to be rigid as “Slash and Friends”. It can be a violinist, a vocalist, a pianist or a guitarist. The only requirement is that it needs to sound good to me. So, I have kept that open for the on board featuring artists and I have given them that freedom.

In terms of the musicality, how is this project going to sound? Are you going to fix it into a particular genre?

I do not plan to fix the project to any particular genre. It will depend more in what the track requires. Taking Embers In Snow – the title track – as an example, it is about struggle, so I believe the sound will be dark, and may be haunting? But, a track which talks about a happy moment, it would probably require pop elements to it. Although, I suppose it would be hard to get out of my Wilson and Anathema roots, but I still plan to incorporate other elements as well. For example, Embers in Snow is inspired by Jeff Buckley’s Lilac Wine – ergo, it will have jazz guitar figures in the track. It is more like a “mash-up” of some sort, where I even might combine ambiance and drones with jazzy patterns. So, it will not be accurate to assume that major elements of the song will be from my hardcore influences; rather I plan to include all forms of music that I like which will sound good on this project.

You plan to work with different artists as guests, and also having the freedom to add any instrument which might sound good, what are you trying to reap out of this project?

I have always been challenging myself in terms of music. When I joined Overtone, I had the huge task of getting used to playing classical rock, even though it was way out of my influence. So, I plan to do the same here as well – push my boundaries further and explore music but still be in the limits of my theme. This way, I can still be in my comfort zone and explore out of it as well – will help me progress musically. I believe this project can cater some good people with its music, although I believe it is hard for me to have “fans” now, but if it gets by a few ears, they will like it.

Rakat Zami’s Future Plans?

I did come across the thought of dropping my guitar and stopping music for quite a few times in the last 9 years, but in all those cases I came out with my guns blazing again. So, I doubt that I will ever be able to stop making music, but I know what I am doing. If the time comes for me to stop, I will know it. But as of now, the plan is to make music and nothing other than that.

For a niche project like this, what would you tell your fans and followers about this?

I do not look at the project like that. Although, a few of them might sound like it but there are cheesy tracks like “Fire” which might turn out to be quite popular – you never know. Assuming that I have fans, I believe that they can take it all in. After all, if done right, music can reach anyone and everyone. So, to the fans, I give it to you because I can – hopefully, the rest will flow.

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