To Tell a Tale of Toys! / The Dhaka Museum of Toys


It’s a Toy Story you are about to read.

It’s no shame to admit to oneself our very fond memories with them little soldiers while growing up and

how they had kept us in company in all those years. All the fun moments, the excitement when your dad

got you a new toy on his way home. Memories that never seize to abandon us even when we are to do

the same for our kids to be.

We often seem to overlook this integral companion of our lives. We seem to forget that feeling of

holding a toy tight in our palms and waving them around in midair imagining that little spacecraft is

afloat amidst the infinite landscape of space. Or an underwater reign, being chased and eventually

fighting the giant octopus that’s about to get you! These wild creations of the mind are to more value

in your life than you may have otherwise thought it to be! They are the building blocks of one’s creative

thought process. And as you see, toys are the tools to your earliest creative outflows, even before one

learns to hold the pencil and paper.


Well Saadi Rahman is a dreamer and he is out to change the perspective to how we look and value toys.

He had created his very own “Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium” the Dhaka Toy Museum. Set to open

its doors on the 16th

all ages, and is sure to bring out some the toy story in everyone. Boosting a collection from the 1930’s to

contemporary period, it is sure to have something for everyone!

After the huge success of Comic Con 2012, the response to which overwhelmed Saadi Rahman. He told

us “I had initiated comic con not based upon an economic response, publicity value or any of those

sort of things, I had done so cause it had been my long lived passion to do so. I had never expected a

response of such magnitude, I am overwhelmed with joy. And I am happy to note just how many of us

pop culture fanatics are out there! The Dhaka Museum of Toys is my attempt to bring upon all us pop

culture fan together and appreciate its values, share our collections for others to see and appreciate and

to further strengthen the youth culture that is such a necessity”

The Dhaka Toy Museum will have a gift shop so you may buy certain items on the display whether it

maybe to further add to your collection or getting a gift for someone special.

The Museum of toys will also host many exhibitions by various other collectors and enthusiasts to display

their collection. It is to be a hub for everything pop culture. Not just toys but also comic books, posters,

magazines, movies which includes both DVD and Blu rays, and many more exciting items!

Here is a link to the official promo for the Dhaka Toy Museum:

of August, The doors will open to welcome you to a world of Toys that is suited for

The promo video is made by Flybot Studios! A creative bunch who takes an out of the box approach to

everything! The video itself gives us a glimpse through its creative concept about the creative upholding

of the Dhaka Toy Museum. And staring in it at the beginning of the video is the man himself Mr. Saadi



Once more the doors to the museum are to open at August 16th

moments at the Dhaka Toy Museum! And rediscover a few more! After all, everyone indeed has a Toy


“Dhaka Museum of Toys was once a dream, but has now officially become a reality!” – Saadi Rahman.

. So c’mon relieve those magical