Top 10 Fastest Cars in The World at the Moment

The top 10 Fastest Cars in the world
Hennessey Venom GT

They are all quite capable of burning the asphalt way before they even hit their top speed, but to list it out, which would be the fastest car at the moment judging by the top speed, the top 10 fastest cars in the world would be:

10. McLaren P1

Top Speed: 217MPH

The top 10 Fastest Cars in the worldReleased in 2014, the McLaren P1 is certainly one of the best designed cars in the list, it brings both style and speed onto the table. From looks to performance, it is a classy car with a 3.8 liter Twin-Turbo V8 engine which allows it to accelerate out to 0-62MPH in only 2.8 seconds. The price? 1.2 Million US Dollars only. The car also has a more powerful, track version called the McLaren P1 GTR.

09. Ferrari LaFerrari

Top Speed: 220MPH
The top 10 Fastest Cars in the worldThe Ferrari LaFerrari is simply a beast with a look that will leave you baffled to decide whether its a jet or a super-car. Unlike the other hybrids, the LaFerrari uses its petrol/electric power purely for performance. Usually colored in the company’s signature Red, there are white and blue versions available as well. The company boasts that this car is the most extreme performing car that they have ever built. A 6.2 liter V-12 engine, paired with two electric motors and a HY-KERS system, collectively deliver 663 lb ft of torque and 963 horsepower; the immense power of delivered by the engine can make excel to 0-62MPH in only 2.9 Seconds which is a tad bit slower than the McLaren P1, but the Ferrari beats the McLaren in terms of top speed. You need to pay  1.3 million American Dollars to buy this.

08. Lamborghini Veneno

Top Speed: 221 MPH

The top 10 Fastest Cars in the worldThis ultra-fast beast of a car from Lamborghini was unveiled at the occasion of the company’s 50th Anniversary. With a body fabricated from Carbon fiber, the car doesn’t only look super sleek and cool, but it is also really light while being tough at the same time. Powered by a 750 horsepower generating 6.5 liter V-12 engine paired with 7 speed automatic transmission, the Veneno goes from 0-62MPH in a bit under 2.8 seconds. And if you are shopping for the Veneno, make sure that you take 4Million Dollars along with you.

07. Zenvo ST1

Top Speed: 233MPH

The top 10 Fastest Cars in the worldOne of the most simplistically designed cars of the list, the Zenvo ST1 might not look much compared to the other supercars, yet, on it’s day, it can beat a lot of other supercars with its sheer speed. A twin charged 7.0 liter Corvette V8 engine is used in the car creating 1250 horsepower which takes the car from 0-62MPH in 3.0 Seconds. Only 15 units are of the Zenvo ST1 is produced each year and you have to spend about 1.5Million Dollars to get one.

06. McLaren F1

Top Speed: 243 mph

The top 10 Fastest Cars in the worldHaving better, more aerodynamic designs than a lot of other cars, the McLaren F1 boasts a top speed of 243 mph. The car features numerous proprietary designs and technologies; while it is the only supercar with three seats, it also gives the driver added visibility advantage because the driving seat is placed at the center and slightly forward of the two passenger seating positions. It has a 6.1 L V12 engine and a 6-speed manual transmission and goes from 0-62MPH in 3.2 seconds. The market price of the car is held at 5.5Million US dollars.

05.Koenigsegg CCX

Top Speed: 245MPH

The top 10 Fastest Cars in the worldAlthough the last model of the car was released 5 years back and there aren’t any developments on any recent models, the Koenigsegg CCX is a class car with a twin-supercharged V8 engine has been fitted beneath the hood of the CCX that generates 678 lb ft of torque and 806 horsepower causing it to cruise across from 0-100KMPH (0-62MPH) in only 3.2 seconds. This impressive looking car is being sold for 5.5 Million dollars currently.

04. Saleen S7 TT

Top Speed: 248MPH

The top 10 Fastest Cars in the worldFrom an all Aluminium body and fitted with an aluminum Twin-Turbo powertrain under the hood which delivers a whooping 750 horsepower, the Saleen S7 Twin Turbo is another classic car like the Koenisegg CCX which is not in production any more. Priced relatively cheaper than the other supercars, the Saleen S7 TT will cost you about $580,000 to $650,000.

03. Bugatti Veyron EB 16.4

Top Speed: 253.81MPH

The top 10 Fastest Cars in the worldTermed as the ‘Car of the decade’ by BBC’s famous automobile show ‘Top Gear’. Before the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport (Next in list) came out, the Veyron EB 16.4 was the world’s fastest street legal car with a top speed of 253.81MPH. Armed with a  8.0 L (488 cu in) W16 quad-turbocharged 1,001 PS super-engine which produces a mammoth 1200 horsepower, this car can race along to 0-62MPH in only 2.8 seconds. The price? 2.7 Million US Dollars.

02.Bugatti Veyron Super Sport

Top Speed: 269.86MPH

The top 10 Fastest Cars in the worldWhen it was released following the Bugatti Veyron EB 16.4, no one expected its speed to beat the EB, yet, on the first race against the EB, the Super sport literally went miles ahead before finishing the race. world’s most coveted and extreme modern sports car ever built. The Super Sport has bigger intercoolers, four larger turbos, German troll dust, and some engine tuning that give it an additional 199 hp. It can accelerate from 0 to 62 mph in just 2.4 seconds. Released back in 2013, only 30 of this ultra-rare cars have been built yet, you can order yours to Bugatti, just remember that it’s going to cost you around 3.4 Million Dollars to buy the car.

01. Hennessey Venom GT

Top Speed: 270.49 MPH

The top 10 Fastest Cars in the worldBoasting incredible speeds, the Hennessey Venom GT is the ultimate super-car in terms of speed and performance. Produced by a Texas based tuning house called Hennessey Performance Engineering. The car marked it’s highest speed and became the fastest road car at present by reaching 270.49MPH on the 3.22-mile shuttle landing strip at the Kennedy Space Center.  The Venom GT has a Twin Turbocharged 7.0l LSX V8 engine and a Ricardo 6-speed Manual transmission. The price varies from $6-10Million.