Top 20 Best Free Android Games


Thousands of free Android Games are released each year and while most of them are literally a waste of time, there are some games which are essentially free (with in-app purchases) or completely free, but are as good as paid games. We have prepared a list of 20 best free android games present in Google playstore now, some of them may require in-app purchases, but they can be played without spending a single buck if you are skillful enough:

Randomly sorted list, order does not represent precedence.

20. Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

This game is the perfect fit for warcraft enthusiasts who also like strategical digital collectible card game. You can command your favorite Warcraft heroes and villains in the game, cast spells, and summon creatures. The game is available on all platforms. Casual online games, ranked matches, and grueling Arena games all of different levels of difficulty. In-app purchases provide access to the Arena or to buy new packs of cards, though both can be acquired with coins earned by completing daily quests.Top 20 Best Free Android Games19. Asphalt 8: Airborne

Asphalt 8 Airborne is simply the best free racing game out there for your android phone. Providing mind-blowing graphics, tantalizing music, brilliant gameplay and an euphoric gaming experience, this game is truly too good to be free. While there are in-app purchases required to buy certain elements and features of the game, the game can still  be enjoyed and played without having to pay anything because those elements can be unlocked  by earning game points.Top 20 Best Free Android Games18. Crossy Road

This one’s for all the old school gamers out there, the premise of the game is very simple, you get to play as certain characters trying to cross across multiple lanes of roads and waterways while having to dodge traffic, speeding trains, hungry eagles, etc. With simple graphics and controls based solely on tapping, this game is perfect for people looking for simplistic challenges.Top 20 Best Free Android Games

17. Okay?

Another simplistic challenging and highly addictive game on the list, the game is based on the simple premises of having to break multiple boards using a ball on a single go. In each level, the boards are arranged differently and the arrangements get tougher to break on a single go as you progress through the levels. Although the game is only 75levels long, the beauty of this game is that its going to keep you hooked on till you are done with it. Another beautiful aspect of the game is that the developer has kept it free but provided the option of ‘Pay what you want to’. If you really like the game, you can pay the developer money to make the game even better, otherwise you can play it for free, no hard feelings!Top 20 Best Free Android Games

16. World of Tanks: Blitz

World of Tanks: Blitz is one of the rare free MMO games that you will find out there. In this game, you get to play in teams of tanks and devastate your rivals. There are hundreds of tanks to ride on, with intuitive touch controls, and intense & exciting tank battles; the gameplay is way better than most similar games.Top 20 Best Free Android Games

15. Battle Nations:

This highly acclaimed game has somehow managed to elude a lot of people and stay off a lot of radars. It is a free combat strategy game, in the game you have to build good, strong bases, train troops and wreak havoc upon enemy cities; you will have more than 100 types of troops to control over 500 exciting missions. This game is sort of like Age of Empires, but with modern weaponry. Like many on this list, it’s Freemium so there are in app purchases but thankfully you don’t need them to enjoy the game.Top 20 Best Free Android Games

14. Bejeweled Blitz:

The winner of the 2013 “Best Game Franchise” in the Google Play Player’s Choice awards. It is a simple,  shape matching game like Candy Crush: Saga. It is often termed as one of the best games out there to pass your time.Top 20 Best Free Android Games13. Badland:

This physics based side scrolling puzzle game is filled with obstacles and traps. The story is set in an alien Jungle landscape where players take control  of one of the winged inhabitants of the planet and race against each other while avoiding traps and obstacles.Top 20 Best Free Android Games

12. Skyward:

Another deceptively simple game with an incredibly adorable graphics. You will be in control of a blue and a red circle, and have to rhythmically guide them through Escher-like levels that are falling away behind you. If you take too long, the circles will shrink and vanish eventually. Even with simple graphics, the game looks fantastic, and the best thing is that there are no in-app purchases, so you get the full experience for free.Top 20 Best Free Android Games

11. Subway Surfers:

It’s like the immensely popular game of Temple Run but unlike the other, here you have to run amidst train lines while having to escape trains and evading the police man who’s chasing you while also trying to pick up coins and special power-ups. Coins allow you to purchase more characters and power-ups. It’s amazing, addictive, competitive and loads of fun.Top 20 Best Free Android Games

10. Plants vs Zombies 2:

EA’s Plants vs Zombies made history by being one of the most successful free to play games to ever arrive on any smartphone gaming platforms, the sequel to the game is even more intriguing zombies, plants, power ups and way better graphics. But be careful as you install it, since it will take up a lot of your time for the next few days.Top 20 Best Free Android Games

 09. Dead Trigger 2:

It is potentially the most anticipated and successful releases of 2013. With mind-boggling graphics, intriguing plots and exciting gameplay, this game is bound to get your adrenaline rushing! It’s a first person shooter game with a campaign mode and a lot of content. It also helps that MADFINGER Games consistently updates the title with gaming tweaks and new content. Although released way back, it is still one of the best free games that you will find on playstore.Top 20 Best Free Android Games

08. Angry Birds: Go!

Although there have been many variations of Angry Birds released till now; however, this is probably one of the most exciting variations out there. In this game, you will have to take control of an angry bird character and race through different tracks on a kart while collecting coins and shooting different objects at your opponents to throw them off the track or destroy their carts!Top 20 Best Free Android Games

07. Shadowgun: DeadZone

Simply one of the best multiplayer shooter games on Android, enough said! But its demanding graphics can set even the best android devices to its limits. There are many different game modes to play on and there’s also an in-game easy to use multiplayer voice chat system which is really, really cool!Top 20 Best Free Android Games

06. Dungeon Hunter 5

Dungeon Hunter 5 is a fast-paced free Android RPG that plays like butter. Players hack and slash their way through an extensive single-player campaign, gather loot and gear, level up their abilities, and eventually take the fight into online multiplayer, both co-operatively and competitively.

The graphics, particularly during boss battles, are sure to suck you into the world. For those that are really gung-ho, there’s a premium currency available to pick up the swankiest gear.Top 20 Best Free Android Games

05. Jetpack Joyride:

It is one of the highest rated games on Android Playstore and one of the most regularly updated ones too, so you never run out of content. The game play itself is fairly simple. It’s a side-scrolling arcade game where you must collect coins and shoot things to make it through levels.Top 20 Best Free Android Games

04. Temple Run 2:

Well, you cant just write up a list for the best android games and not include Temple Run, I mean it has literally become a shrine as far as Android gaming is concerned. Everyone has played it and got hooked to playing it at a certain point of time, if you are one of the rare ones who haven’t, you can always:Top 20 Best Free Android Games

03. Fruit Ninja

It has been around for years now, but it is still every bit as addictive as it used to be. Slash through a combination of fruits while avoiding the bombs and try to make higher combos to earn loads of points. This game is often termed as the most addictive game on Android Playstore and we certainly agree to that fact.Top 20 Best Free Android Games

02. Angry Birds: Seasons

The eleventh Angry Birds game developed by Rovio Entertainment. Just as in the original Angry Birds, players use a slingshot to launch birds at nearby structures but they got to choose which bird to shoot. The main targets are the pigs, and they can be defeated if directly fired at, or through other strategies, e.g.: the bird hits a structure where the pig is standing, making it fall. The player loses if there is no card left for popping pigs. Spells are also available as extra cards and can be used just like birds. Spells include raining rubber ducks, summoning blizzards, chilis, and more. Some levels include boss fights, that has the player using the environment to defeat the boss, which has a health bar.Top 20 Best Free Android Games

01. Clash of Clans:

The most widely played multiplayer game at the moment, Clash of Clans is built on a very simple yet highly addictive concept – build a town and its defences, then train your troops to fend off attacks from other players. As it’s a persistent multiplayer game, its duration is basically never-ending. Your progress syncs to your Google + account, so you can continue your game across multiple devices.Top 20 Best Free Android Games