Hair care in Winter


Washed your hair in the morning and it has turned into an oily strip of glued together strands by early evening? Or the polar opposite, a horse’s mane? Yes, you can safely say : winter has come!

Hair care in winter isn’t devising a regime of 15-20 different products and dumping them once every week. It is your daily basic routine, plus a little extra REGULAR care, and yes I put regular in capital.

For winter, I suggest stock up on your essential oils. Coconut oil and almond oil are the old schools – most nourishing and readily available. But lavender oil, olive oil etc can do the trick too.

For dry hair, put oil in your hair for 30 minutes to one hour before shower, every other day. People who have oily hair, I suggest you shampoo regularly but put oil at least once a week.

An old ruse is to use the shower cap trick. After applying oil wear a shower cap during your waiting period, allowing heat to build up in your scalp which opens up your hair cuticle and lets them absorb the oil nutrients much faster. In other words, increases the efficiency of the entire ‘oiling your hair’ process. But make sure to watch away all the oil properly, as any remaining oil can pour cold water to all your efforts of oiling.

If you are someone who uses 2-in-1 shampoo+conditioner hair products, I suggest put them away for this season. Your hair, be dry or oily, needs to be rid off the excess buildup of your hair’s natural oils. So using a different bottle of shampoo and conditioner is a good idea in winter.

Lastly, hair splits! If even all that oiling and shampooing isn’t stopping those splits, I suggest its time for a trim. A little trim every 3 months is actually advisable and leaves your hair looking much healthier.

**(Because year ends are not times to keep regrets!)

Tip 1 : That fringe that you so wanted to sport last summer, but changed your mind because of the heat. Well, get it now!

Tip 2 : For those who have hair that frizzes up in humidity, winter is a time when such hair remains quite tame and manageable. Time to finally let those ponytails and braids lose!

Happy styling and happy new year!