Artist to Watch Out For: Gs1fz


In the year 2008, our hip hop industry marked the emerge of a new crew called R.I.S(Rappers Introducing Socialism), straight out of the classrooms of Scholastica, the crew was formed by Rifat Hossain(R.H), who later recruited three other artists. It didn’t take long for the crew to make their mark in the underground hip hop scene, and with every track they dropped, they created a larger impact on the very limited number of people who listened to underground Hip Hop music of our country at that time. As R.I.S climbed the steps towards the peak of the underground scene, ONE PARTICULAR ARTIST out of the four began to take the center stage with every verse he spit, from the beginning, his potential as a rapper amazed everyone around, with mindblowing flow and awesome tongue twisting ability, the talent that was once sighted by Rifat Hossain (R.H) was now revealed to everyone associated to the Hip Hop industry of our country and it was clear that the creator has blessed this particular artist with Rhythm&Poetry. The Gifted artist on topic here is none other than one of the most talked about artist in the underground hip hop scene, Gs1fz.

Gs1fz(leftmost) performing in ‘Hip Hop Showdown for Sundarbans’ with The Riddler(Rightmost) and RH


Gs1fz’s journey as a rapper began at a time when the underground Hip Hop scene of our country could be described best by the word ‘WASTELAND’, with haters breeding everywhere, meaningless dissing going on, the tiniest platforms available, no publicities available at all, the whole genre was buried under popular genres such as rock, metal or folk, the situation was so unstable that even the most ardent Hip Hop fans began to question the future of this genre in our country, the underground was a real test to all the newcomers. It was a time when the industry lost many talented rappers, who fell out due to disappointment over the whole situation of the industry. However, with worthy support from his fellow crew members, a few other underground rappers, and with immense dedication and passion towards Hip Hop, Gs1fz compensated for all the inconveniences and was one of the few rappers who made it through the scene during those times.


Gs1fz himself had to go through a lot of crazy things as a rapper, there were certain people (The Haters), who tried to stop him using various methods which includes the launch of a cowardly assault upon Gs1fz which took place outside Russian Cultural Center on 4th February 2011 after his performance with R.I.S in the Hip Hop Showdown for Sundarbans, while leaving the concert premises with his crew members, a group of people attacked Gs1fz and mugged him. But this was one teenager who just doesn’t know how to stop and who doesn’t have ‘giving up’ in his dictionary, Gs1fz got back onto the mike pretty soon and produced some of his most awesome tracks ever.


As the days went by since the time he started back in 2008, his rhymes grew more and more mature, his flow improved, he perfected his tongue twisting and overall grew better and better. With every verse he spit, every clubbanger R.I.S dropped, every Gangsta track dropped, everyone of his solo tracks, he became more and more popular nationally, but he had to wait till late 2010 to get his first international break, when Gs1fz hit the net with his remix of Eminem’s legendary track ‘Love The Way You Lie’, where he used the hooks and the beat, but used his own words in the verse, and WHAT A TRACK IT WAS!!! Gs1fz’s version of the track got so popular that many people named it ‘Love The Way You Lie (Part Gs1fz)’, this track was downloaded from nations around the world and amongst hundreds of other remixes of the track from DJs and artists around the world, Gsifz’s version of the track was one of the most downloaded versions. Watch Gs1fz’s performance of ‘Love The Way You Lie (Part Gs1fz)’ in the Hip Hop Showdown for Sundarbans (4th February, 2011) below.


Gs1fz came to the attentions of the international audience again during the month of March this year with the release of his track ‘Wake Up’(From East Anthem), The Riddler from the crew ‘The High Rollers’ gave the hooks to this track, this track was based on Muslims and the Islamic religion, honestly speaking, I was really surprised when Gs1fz announced this track cause I really did not think that he would be at his best when talking about sensitive issues such as this, but I was proved wrong, his best was defined by this track and he made a huge impact to all the people who listened to this track, listeners from all around the world gave awesome feedbacks and his track ‘Wake up’ earned the Riffstar #52nd place amongst millions of tracks sent from artists and producers around the world (Link to Riffstar Scorecard: .

Gs1fz is a huge fan of Eminem and holds him as one of his biggest inspirations, he describes Eminem as ‘he is like a long lost friend I never Had’, now I wouldn’t go commenting on that, but I would just like to say that friends usually have a lot in common and Gs1fz shares the same admirable ‘Don’t give a FUCK!’ attitude as Eminem while his passion and dedication towards Hip Hop could be compared to that of the immortal(well, at least through his tracks he will always be) Mr. Biggie Smalls AKA Notorious B.I.G, who is also one of Gs1fz’s biggest influences.


Our Hip Hop Industry has turned a lot stable now, gaining more and more popularity by the day, foreign artists taking interests, almost the whole industry stands united now. After all the odds that Gs1fz had to fight through as a newcomer and still achieve so much, the thought of how much he will achieve when the evens are stacked for him just gives me GOOSEBUMPS!! An awesome time lies ahead for the fans and well-wishers of BD Hip Hop.

A teenage sensation, a gifted rapper and loved by everyone as a human being, Gs1fz is surely the artist to watch out for.


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