Band in Focus: Crematic X


Crematic X, a band formed only at the late 2006 rocketed their way through the underground music scene and went on to release their first album ‘Ronangoner Daakticket’ on August 2010, what started off as a group of amateur musicians performing low-profile concerts in their localities, turned into one of the best bands in the nation through intense hard work and practice. The dedication, passion towards music; the down to earth approach of the members after achieving all the success is an example for all young bands to follow.

The band members are all BUETians, after two changes in the line-up, the band came to their final line-up:

Prajna: Guitars and vocals

Rifat: Guitars

Sanjoy: Drums

Ashique: Keys and vocals

Mishu: Bass and vocals

Manager: Sakib Iqbal


While all other bands were practicing in practice pads throughout the city, Crematic X jammed in rooms of the student dormitories(Titumir hall, Rashid Hall) of BUET, overnight practice sessions, followed by day long classes, topped with performing in concerts… you got to give it to them, the members has gone through the most strenuous of times. But, in the end, their hard work has paid them all. The band reached the peak of their underground music profile in the year 2009, they made multiple media appearances in that year, their first single ‘Doitota’ was released in the band mixed album Rock 202, they won the Moo’s band fest competition, they won ABC Radio’s competition of Campus bands, 2009 is also the year when Crematic X performed in various high-profile concerts with a lot of mainstream bands such as Shironamhin and Artcell, their list of achievements goes on and on…
The band released their first album ‘Ronangoner Daakticket’ under the label of G-Series, and Damn! What an album that was, the release of the album was accompanied with ‘Sold out’ notice in most places. The perfect mixture of alternative rock and thrash metal, while one track would make you groove to the soft music accompanied with Prajna’s beautiful voice, the next one would get your adrenaline pumping with Ashique’s growls and snares coming with face-melting(!) guitar solos.
Listen to ‘Ronangoner Daakticket’, title track from Crematic X’s debut album:

Crematic X is currently working on their 2nd album, their recent live performances mostly include Violins played by Plaban(they experimented by introducing violin in track 8 of their debut album, which worked out very well), the violin adds a whole new level to their music. With dedication, passion, hard-work and humble approach to music, they are surely an example to all the young musicians out there and is youthsparks’ band in focus.
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Watch the music video of Crematic X’s single ‘Kromosho Amatei’: