Band in Focus(Bangladesh): Undeity Grounds


It’s always good to see fine, young, and talented faces up on stage, right? I am sure we all enjoy listening to new and newer versions/type of music everyday. Stating that, Youthsparks would like to introduce to you, a bunch of talented musicians who will always stay true to metal but will never back down from experimenting. A band heavily influenced by “British Heavy Metal” but turned out to be opting for progressive rock, when genres are concerned; a band which lives to experiment with their music, Undeity Grounds.



Undeity Grounds is amongst the very few bands in Bangladesh which are heavily influenced from Porcupine Tree and Iron Maiden, all in the same time. So, when I say “experimenting with their music”, I am sure you get what I mean. The band was initially formed back in March 2008 when Rakat, the guitar player, sat down and made the first composition of the band, called “Hold Your Breath”. He passed the composition on to Tilok who liked it instantly and wrote a lyric down for it. Rakat asked Tilok to join the band and this is how Undeity Grounds started its journey. After a few months Faisal joined the band as a drummer but shortly after that, he had to leave to organize his own life. Raj came in to join the band as a drummer but his guitar skills were better than his drumming, so he decided to stay with the 6 stringed wooden instrument and the band continued without a drummer. Later, Anika joined the band but she had to leave at the beginning of 2009 to focus on her studies. Tilok took up the bass guitar while being on the vocals and the band continued without a drummer. They remained as a “home band” for almost two years, jamming inside their houses and making their own composition until July 2011, when they finally found Raafi M. Matin who took duties of the drum throne and completed the lineup. Shabab Mashuk joined the band as a session bassist and the new and current lineup of the band is as follows:




Rakat Zami – Guitars

Tilok Mania – Vocals

Raj Wraith – Guitars

Raafi M. Matin – Drums

Shabab Mashuk – Session Bassist



Undeity Grounds basically was Rakat, Raj and Tilok all the way, heavily influenced by Iron Maiden back in their early years. Their sound was pretty much hinting with the sound of the “new wave” of British Heavy Metal. They were young back then and as they grew with time, they uncovered new music. Their core never changed, they stayed true to metal as their genre. Now, they just make music; metal is only a word that describes a part of them in general. With time, the three of them uncovered more music and bands like, Alter Bridge, Porcupine Tree, Stone Sour, Opeth, Mastodon and many more, and as they did, their ideas grew. Rakat went as far as to research on noise music, also on ambiance and drone, they are still experimenting and they will keep doing that. If anyone listens to their demo of “My Rain” you can find the evidence of their core, mixed with the new aspects they learnt throughout all these years, those old heavy metal riffs with 80’s blues solos and a bit of ambiance elements and so on. We believe that is how anyone can describe Undeity Grounds and the music they do.

Take a listen to Undeity Grounds’s Single ‘My Rain’



Undeity Grounds plan to make their music known to everyone. They believe that their music will be appreciated by the scene today in Bangladesh but to a certain extent. After that, the listeners just might get “lost” in their sound, and they are pretty convinced of this unfolding of events.


Take a listen to Undeity Grounds’s Single ‘All of Me’




Undeity Grounds plan to hit the international market with their music and expand their territory; we believe it will be absolutely wonderful to see such a band on an international stage. With the kind of music they do, it will be unjust if they don’t get any international exposure and we believe it is high time that we get some fresh new faces out there for the world to see.


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