‘We Believe Doing Acoustic Numbers Enhances our Creative Freedom’- Orfred


How did it all start?

Orfred: Orfred started out as a side side-project for all three of us. We had, and still have our respective own bands. Nevertheless, the band started its journey from NSUPC. There were two members of the club name Orpita and Alfredo and we were thinking that something was going on between them. So, just to be funny while we portray their love affair, we started to sing songs to entertain the whole club, and that entertainment marked the inception of Orfred. Though funny way of starting a band, we still had our motives. We wanted to be different from the very start, wanted to be unique. That is basically the reason why we opted for Acoustic numbers rather than anything else, and also, not to forget how funny we wanted everything to be.


Why acoustic numbers only?

Orfred:It is just some kind of an urge to be different, an urge to be against the norms of the society, or in this case, the music scene. Along with that, we believe doing acoustic numbers enhances our creative freedom. You simply cannot always produce magic with plugged up fat guitars, and we believe our acoustic nature brings out the best sound output for our band, as well.

Every band has a certain ideology that they follow. What does Orfred follow, being an acoustic act?

Orfred: We believe Orfred has no specific directions, when reaching a point is concerned. We are happy and okay as long as we are playing what we want to play. Since the start, we have been writing stuffs about student life, as this is a good way of expressing ourselves as we are students ourselves. Our lyrics reflect upon what we faced in our lives and we do, our beliefs; it reflects a lot others as well.


What is your take on the existing music scene? What do you think is the problem?

Orfred: We think it’s safe to say that musicians in our scene today do not have the guts to go for something different, to try something new, and to bring in a change. We take that to be the biggest problem in our music scene. With no one trying anything new, the music scene today has become monotonous with no talents to explore. Even if there are talents, they still sound the same. We see 10 bands out of possible 15 in a show covering Lamb of God, not that covering Lamb of God is easy but, the monotonous mind set of our music industry killed the fun of doing music here. At the end of the day, as musicians, you need to stand in amongst all others and still stand out loud. If you are not unique, you just cannot dictate in the scene.


How does a side project benefit you?

Orfred: Orfred is a kind of a band which always wanted to explore music, as a whole. That is an advantage itself of having a side project. Moreover, we believe that working for a side-project gives you a vibe of not being liable or accountable to anyone for your actions, from a musical point of view. Whatever you play or you want to play, goes and that is just the right approach we should have in order to make good music because music is to us and if we cannot feel the music we are playing, then there is no point of making music at all.


Being a side-project and still reaching the high. How did that happen?

Orfred: As a band, Orfred did reach a peak at a certain point of its existence and we are very grateful and thankful to those who supported us throughout. We believe, reaching a peak is a gradual process and in some cases, happen eventually with time. Our first track called, “Picture Perfect” which is also the theme song of NSUPC [North South University Photography Club] was the start. We played this track in a few shows and got good public response and that is also because the track reflects on the life of us students. The responses gradually build up and we just continued to play our music. That is all.

Listen to ‘Picture Perfect’ by Orfred




The Wireless Sessions experience?

Orfred: Two words to sum it up, “Mixed reactions”. We got up as an act, rather than as a band. We went in there, played our music, experienced screw ups, laughed at it, still continued, finished our act and got down. By the end of it, when we looked up to see a house full Platinum Suites, half of them face palming themselves. The rest, were just dancing to the tunes, but most of all, we enjoyed what we did up there and that’s the best thing we take from The Wireless Sessions.


What does Orfred plan to do in the future?

Orfred: We plan to chill, at this very moment but we do not know for how long. The way we see it, Orfred really needs to plan about its education and plan to get the grades up!


Anything for your fans?

Orfred: We cannot repay the debt to the Orfredians who supported us throughout the existence of this band. They are the special people. We will ask all our Orfredians to be open to music, to explore beyond boundaries because you never know what you might find outside of your little world. Good music is everywhere. You just need to find it and when you do, that is the moment when you are unique. God bless.


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