Capturing the Hype of AD Maker 2015

nsu ad maker

”Robi presents AD Maker Bangladesh 2015, colored by Elite Paints” has triggered a frenzy among the universities throughout the country as it announced the commencement of registrations on 25th May. Ever since it’s launching as an interuniversity platform in 2010, it has earned the reputation as one of the largest marketing competition in the country.

North South University, NSU:

NSU: If there is one thing that is stagnant in NSU, it is the forever festive mood and the thrill to indulge in any enthralling, alien concept. Therefore, the outrageous response in the intra-round was just the beginning to demonstrate that the NSU’ers are preparing and proceeding towards the competition with full dedication and in-built enthusiasm. Since NSU is the hub of AD Maker Bangladesh, the atmosphere is nothing less than electric. The intra-NSU rounds welcomes students to showcase their creative skills, and the best ones are picked out only to be thrown to an even bigger competition along with all the other participating teams. The contestants are required to exercise their creativity, time management as well as business planning skills in order to save their team from getting eliminated; ones without these attributes get weeded out to make room for the very best team in the main event. After such strict filtering, does the host university have what it takes to bag this year’s trophy?

nsu ad maker
The banner for this year’s showdown!

Institute of Business Administration (IBA), Dhaka University:

Developers of popular marketing tactics, conjurers of profit-making revolutionary business ideas or the epitomes of sheer class and smartness- those words are reflective of the high standard that the students of IBA, DU set for the other universities to follow suite. Therefore, this should come as no surprise that the masterminds of IBA are always on their toes when it comes to a competition, regardless of it being on a national level or an international one. However, the hype that they bear for NSU AD Maker is completely different- it throws a different challenge at these folks every single time, therefore giving rise to a heated competition. In addition, it is their utmost belief that when the difficulty level is taken a notch higher, that is when the fun aka learning starts; to pursue that zeal for triumph, participants enhance their creative selves in the process and mould themselves to face the challenges. This year, contestants from IBA have flooded in for the competition, breaking records of previous participations from this institution.

Bangladesh University of Professionals, BUP:

BUP has made a remarkable impression among the business schools with its active participation and recent success in business competitions and career sectors. Of the many teams that registered for this year’s AD Maker Bangladesh, BUP alone holds a significant number. This clearly reflects their overpowering enthusiasm and energy. But do they have what it takes to win the Robi presents AD Maker Bangladesh 2015, colored by Elite Paints? “Last year BUP secured the second runner up position. I see no reason why we can’t surpass what we had achieved last year and go all the way to the very top,” said one of the participants. Sadly, many of the teams had to drop out from the competition because their semester finals directly collided with the event schedule. The tasks alone are quite challenging, and to top that off, these fellows have a burden of their semester finals constantly badgering their minds. But that will not hinder their focus. The participating teams have the vigor, the confidence and the endless support of the entire BUP family to make their stand and prove their worth in the creative fight.