How to concentrate on studies


When we think about studying, energy level of our body gets down and we start to foresee all the painful moments throughout the period. Why should you waste your time when you can do something else you like? But, then your mind concerns you about your future or the disappointment of your parents if you don’t score good results. Mostly, these emotional thoughts can’t tackle your determination of doing something enthusiastic.

Prepare your mentality.

Close your eyes, take a deep breath and then imagine about the feeling when your parent’s know about your good results-but you need to study for that, imagine all the negative things that can happen in your future if you don’t study, think about all the happiness when you score good results. Now open your eyes and release your breath, take a deep breath and think about all the positive things.

Again close your eyes, take a deep breath, say it slowly for ten times that you will study, after that, think, if you clap you will have a big interest on studies and start studying.Now clap, release your breath, open your eyes, all simultaneously.

During studies, don’t think of anything else, even its has more priority, as its distracts you.Little or even negligible distractions slowly gets bigger, which ends up stopping your studies.

Always think that each minute of your studies is increasing marks in your exams. There is no loss in studies, more you do the more you gain.


Make a daily study list. Take a ten minuites break between every half or one hour.

Keep all the things you need near you to avoid frequent loss of your concentration.

Keep some snacks with you.

Other Tips

Complete daily’s work daily. It’s hard to finish all before exams and makes you loose your self-confidence eventually.Besides, completing daily’s work daily will keep you out of extra stress. Doing this takes less effort and you would have enough time to revise before your exam.

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