Cryptic Fate: Noy Mash Album (Track: Mohora)


My initial reaction on the very first listen was something along the lines of – Well, that’s one commercial sound coming from Cryptic Fate.

Well, perhaps that is the very sound Cryptic Fate was pursuing but, in all honesty, with the music this act has been delivering over the years, this was certainly not a sound that we could expect from them and it surely scores a point right under the category of “the element of surprise.”

In terms of musicality, the song fails on many different aspects. However, it can be surprisingly pleasant at the same time. Let us take a look into the song in more detail.
Songwriting: Tracking back to the earlier songs Cryptic Fate has produced over Sreshtho (however, a simple album) and Danob; Mohora is downright predictable, but catchy, to an extent. Right at the moment, the bassline kicks off in the intro and moves into the verse, you can already tell what the chorus is going to sound like, and eventually the rest of the song. The chord progression used on this particular song is one of those which you can, without a doubt, expect from any typical pop-rock/alternative rock song and it allows the song to flow in a very linear pattern, eventually accounting for the catchiness of the entire song. Following the second chorus, an incredibly small guitar solo seems to be pretty unnecessarily added, as it does not really add any new dimension to the track, and neither does it speak of anything musically. It’s a section which is just there, for the sake of it. The bridge coming right after is rather pretty good. It somewhat manages to introduce a new dimension into the song by building up tension but, then again, dissipates into the outro chorus which builds into a completely different feeling. In other words, the bridge section sort of isolates itself from the rest of the song and stands out on its own rather than actually complementing holistically. Overall, the entire songwriting and arrangement can be scaled to somewhere between average and below average in Cryptic Fate standards.
Lyrics: Cryptic Fate has always had the best lyrics around. Even though their songs might lack the element of uniqueness at certain points, their lyrics always stood out. And even in this song, they have done the same and have successfully managed to deliver the story of the war preparations, lyrically.
Production: The compression over the track is rather annoying. It feels as if someone is shoving the entire sound through a tube and having it played out through the other end, and it eventually causes a pumping effect on the overall amplitude of the track, especially on the bass drum kicks. The guitar tracks at certain points could have been pushed up a little towards the foreground layer of the track to avoid inaudibility. The vocals featured at the beginning of the bridge sound much better compared to the rest of the track due to its rawness and it, perhaps, could have complimented the overall sound of the song much better had it been directed that way. The thumping sound of the bass guitar really does sound good; it perfectly carries the entire groove of the song from the beginning till the very end. The drum sound is a little too synthetic at certain points but, that can be ignored given the overall complementation it adds to the track, apart from the bass drum kicks of course. Overall, the production of the track is satisfactory.

Given the fact that the song is a part of a concept album, it should be able to speak for itself and tell the story it is supposed to cover. Unfortunately, when I close my eyes and try to let the music tell the story in my head, it fails. As a track of a concept album, that is a serious lacking. All in all, it’s a good commercial song and that is exactly where it stops. Unfortunately, it does not go beyond that and neither does it explore the sectors of unique music and coming from Cryptic Fate, it is rather disappointing as this band has the potential to deliver more than it has been recently.