Factory Project on Facebook – Start Your Project Today!


Ever dreamt of living a life of glamour, wealth and success? Then this game is just for you! Factory Project is the latest social networking game brought to you from Rise Up Labs Ltd – the company that always promises to bring something new to the table. The game is about the journey of a young individual who starts life with nearly nothing, except for a piece of land, a thousand dollars and a faithful friend in the form of the inherited family cow – Moo. Moo, the adorable cow accompanies you in your struggle to become a prominent businessman. Your hard work, ingenuity and business instincts will determine your success.

Making money is not an easy task. You will have to master different industries, manage your money well, borrow from the bank wisely and play the stock market with a poker face. Only then will you become a successful business tycoon and achieve your goal to become a multi-millionaire! It has a unique story and is the first Facebook game which has a start and an end.

The game has a tentative launch date on the 15th of April; 2012. Please visit the fan page of Factory Project http://www.facebook.com/FactoryProjectLive and ‘Like” the page to receive exciting offers and remain updated with the news and trailers of the game.

Ever dreamed of becoming the richest and most popular person in the world from nothing? Start your project today and make your journey to the riches!