This Fall- Up Your Fashion Quotient

Fall Fashion

Fall might be marked with subtle and muted shades, but it is the spring for every fashion lover with the liberty it brings to dressing up. But, all you fashionistas out there, don’t just go bonkers yet figuring out the season’s fashion staples to keep it stylish. For a change, why not take a break from the strenuous task of keeping up with the forever shifting à la mode fashion trends blindfolded which at the end of the day will only throw you in the pack of the ordinary. Instead, prove your salience by embracing something more fashion forward to stand out in the crowd. Forget the reigning styles and silhouettes, rather clutch at these fashion varieties for your autumn/winter wardrobe which, although yet to trend in the masses, can catapult your fashion stature to new heights

  • Color block – Incorporating color blocks in your regular day guise can bring a massive shift in your looks, and definitely forward. Combine bold colors like bright pinks, yellows, neon greens and oranges in your top, kurtiz, scarves or even accessories like purses and shoes for a distinctive flair and style. However, don’t go too overboard with the multi hued outfits. Contrast the look off with monochrome yet modern prints of skirts, scarf or pants or nude shades with brown or pink undertones. Also, while color blocking go for geometric patterns for a more cutting-edge look.

Fall Fashion

  • Bad-Assery with the Leather Jacket – Fall is already here and winter is coming (I know you read it like the Starks say it). So time to layer up our garments and make some big fashion statements. But, we are not talking the outlaw style here. True, not a lot of girls can be seen sporting a leather jacket in our capital but it’s a timeless statement up West. Try sporting a more modish cut of leather or faux leather jacket and combine it with a rather feminine top- soft materials, floral patterns or colorful jeggings for balance. The entire look if done right can exude so much power and confidence without seizing away from the femininity of the wearer. However, you might have to wait for the mercury level to fall further down before putting on this rock ‘n’ roll garment.

Fall Fashion


  • Suit Up – Talking about jackets, blazers are also really the in-thing this season. Forget those monotonous BW ones, rather opt for more colorful options. You can get a spectrum of color choices in the online stores, but for a better cut and fitting you can always choose to have the garment tailored.


  • No More Skirting the Skirt – With more and more fashion houses investing creatively in this peppy outfit, the options have really widened up with this garment. This feminine silhouette can be the perfect attire for a casual day out with friends or even a romantic date out with your partner. Go for more fun lengths that flatter your body type the most- knee lengths, midi A-lines or even tea-lengths (albeit riskier of all the lengths). Finish off the look with a great pair of stilettos and a chic Y necklace.

Fall Fashion

  • Tell a Tale – Sure our clothes tell a story about us, given done right; but the use of a rather literal touch of this classic element in a contemporary silhouette can help give us a more avant-garde appearance. Play in line with autumn’s romanticism and nostalgia with dresses and tops imprinted or embroidered with folktale images. Lookout for handicraft touches in your garment with the most sublime details to add more character to your outfits and overall look. Keep the accessorizing minimal and let your clothes do all the talking.


  • Go Graphic with Accessories – Accessories stores are the cruelest ones. They lure you in and captivate you in its eternal thrall. However, this time around instead of going for the archetypals try the more trendy graphic bags and/or shoes. These bags and shoes come in bold patterns, graphic or animated images which complement ones vibrant and perky personality. Carrying a mod graphic bag with your regular Tees and denim can heighten an otherwise bland look. Even graphic shoes like those in converse or wedges can add so much vivacity to the look. So go graphic it up!


  • Go for Gold – When I say gold jewelry you think of all the unclassy bling bling you witness at our desi weddings. Nope, those are a strict NO NO, even for weddings for that matter. I’m talking about the more mind-bending cut statement pieces that come in various hues of yellows like gold, bronze or copper. Make a serious statement with a metal choker or cuff bracelets of advanced geometry cuts and shapes. One piece of great jewelry can add oodles of oomph to an otherwise not-so-happening outfit. So take your time to stroll through the glitzy alleys of the stores and invest wisely.
  • Fall Fashion

Summer might have bid us adieu, but don’t just send off those colors to the corner of your wardrobe. You now have an array of options in-terms of colors, cuts and prints to choose from especially with so many physical and online stores mushrooming up featuring high-street fashion. The global trend is to go for the more androgynous look this time around. Consider keeping it edgy and dress with a more futuristic appeal rather than just diving in for all the rage. To contrast off the vanguard charm, keep the make-up and hair quintessentially fall- berry or plum shades for lips, smoky/nude eyes (depending on the lip color), and a minimal base complemented by soft curls or messy hairdos. The only rule of thumb for all seasons is to balance it up. With these few points ticked off, you will be off to enjoying a great and fashionable fall.


Fall Fashion