Foundation 101- Makeup Tip

foundation (1)
foundation (1)

One of the most neglected yet exploited type of makeup, one which sets the foundation for all other types to follow. Yes, you guessed it right.

Let’s be honest, how many of us have NOT had that one foundation disaster? Looking too white or too tawny? Ask me, I’ve had more than just one. Nothing is more embarrassing that going out with a face that’s a different color than the rest of your body.  The only way to avoid them is to understand a few technicalities about applying foundation.

Let me begin by clearing out a key misconception about foundation: it is NOT a skin-lightening product! This is where the exploited part comes in.  Keep this embedded on your minds ladies: under no circumstance do you use foundation to look fairer. I see girls all the time with gorgeous caramel complexions looking ashy with light foundations. The only purposes of a foundation is to hide any blemishes you do not want to be seen and to provide a base for the rest of the makeup to sit on.

foundation (2)
foundation (2)

You are to always apply a foundation that is an exact match with the complexion your face, your neck and the rest of your body. Now choosing a foundation depends on a few factors: 1. Skin color 2. Undertone of skin 3. Type of skin.

Skin color: Your complexion. Again ladies, the exact shade, not one or two shades lighter.

Skin undertone: This part is a bit complex. Skin undertones are of 3 types: Warm, Neutral and Cool. If you are warm, you look better in warmer colors like coral, orange, brown. If you are cool blues, greens and purples complement you more. And neutrals can go both ways. Confused? Remember, warm means you are more yellow and cool means you are more pinkish/reddish. Try to observe your skin’s undertones. Don’t worry, take your time. Many brands like L’Oreal, MAC etc. have warm, cool and neutral markings on their foundation bottles to make life easier for us.

Skin type: This bit is easier. If you have dry skin, go with liquid foundations.  Look out for words like “moisturizing” on the foundation bottle. For oily skin, look for “matte finish” or “oil-free”. Mineral foundation works best for combination skin.

foundation (4)
foundation (4)

Now the trick for getting all of those guidelines above right is to test the foundation on your jawline and see if it matches in natural daylight, not the artificial lighting of the store. While applying, instead of dumping a lot of the product on your face use as little as possible. The trick is to mix the foundation properly all over your face and neck. If you want more coverage, build up your foundation layer by layer.

And don’t forget to set your foundation with a little pressed powder that is one shade lighter, because with time the face powder oxidizes and gets darker.

Now it’s time to go out and rock those beautiful beige, sandy and caramel skins without the fear of mismatch!