Hardstyle Revolution- A Well Needed Break From Boring Fashion!!


Tired of the old, Stripes, Checkered, unicolored T-Shirts?? Well, you can now take a break from those old, mundane designs and switch to something new. ‘Hardstyle Revolution’ is an online T-Shirt store founded on August 2010, the T-Shirts available here are one of a kind with the coolest, funkiest, and the hottest designs on them.

The T-Shirts available here are for both Men and Women. The designers of the T-Shirts are Safwan Rezvi and Piash Sikder.

Hardstyle Revolution does not have a showroom yet, although they are planning to set up a showroom in Dhaka due to huge public demand. If you want a T-Shirt, you have to order it online.

To order a T-Shirt, all you got to do is:

1. ‘Like’ their facebook fanpage, Link:http://www.facebook.com/pages/Hardstyle-Revolution/149674988380934?v=info

2. Check out their photos to see the T-Shirt Designs.

3. Once you like a T-Shirt, post on the page wall with the product code and the size you want. Hardstyle Revolution will then contact you about the details.

Oh, and another thing, the T-Shirts are not at all expensive!! 🙂

Look below, to see models wearing some of the T-Shirts of Hardstyle Revolution.