Hijab Trends: The Baishakhi Hijab Hues

Hijab Trends
Tahoor's Baishakh Collection Image courtesy: Tahoor

Learning to adapt with the shifting times is a basic requirement of the ever changing society. Hijab is a Fard; ones who choose to wear it always have to face great struggles to keep in stride with the modern fashion and maintain their hayaa’ at the same time. Therefore, for all those hijabistas for whom Pahela Baishakh trends are proving to be a hard nut to crack and they are at loss in deciphering hijab trends: fear no more! Read on for a few useful tips that will aid you in celebrating Baishakh in your Islamic way!

Hijab Trends
Such light coloured cotton hijab provides you with class and comfort

It goes on without saying, and I cannot put enough emphasis as to how important it is that you stick to cotton hijabs since the blaring sun is very generous about bestowing its rays and the humidity is so very high that your skin is bound to beg for comfort. Thus, do yourself a favour and choose light coloured cottons. Nonetheless, if you are going to be in air conditioned areas, why not get those pashmina and georgette hijabs out of the closet?

When it comes to the full attire, you could always pair a loud screen printed kurti with solid-coloured contrasting palazzos, or go for the reverse colour orders. As for the hijab, contemplate wearing a headscarf that matches with that palazzo of yours. The hijab tutorials in YouTube come in handy in such occasions. Personally, I prefer raiding Amena’s YouTube channel from time to time in search of some useful style which I can use.

Visit Amenakin's YouTube for ideas of different Hijab style this Baishakh!
Visit Amenakin’s YouTube for ideas of different Hijab style this Baishakh!

And if the hoors prefer kameez, you know the trend of long kameez has worked in our favour more than anyone else’s! Long kameez and palazzo is still in vogue, and when it comes to the dupatta, I can present you with two options. If your hijab covers your chest area, you could place your dupatta on the side. Otherwise, the hijab can be worn in such a way that it covers your collarbone and the dupatta can be draped across the chest. There

Hijab Trends
Spanish wrap

is a different hijab style available for high-collared kameez- try the Spanish wrap with your hijab and drape your dupatta around your nape.

An added advantage that us hijabis have this Baishakh is pulling off the look with a sober yet stylish maxi dress. Get dolled up wearing a sleeveless maxi dress with a matching or contrasting shrug, or pick out a long sleeved maxi dress instead. Light floral prints should be your preference to match with the weather as well as the occasion, and a shrug of the similar or opposite colour category will help you pull off your look.

Hijab Trends
Buy some stunning studded undercaps for yourself!

Without the perfect ornament, all the effort goes in vain. Therefore, get yourself a stone-studded hijab undercap for the occasion! Provided you want to stick to plain undercaps (or none, for that matter), you can also choose to go for beautiful headpieces. According to the requirement of the outfit, put on your golden, silver or pearled headpiece to add a slight bling to the hijab. That chunky, slave bracelet or slim, finger bracelet in your dressing table can be a spectacular addition to the entire get-up!

Now, I fully comprehend the crisis that we face when looking for the perfect outfit, including the hijab. If that is the case, there are few places that can cater to your needs. Drop by either at Tahoor in Banani or Dhanmondi, or Desire- Your Islamic Lifestyle in Banani.

Hijab Trends
Desire’s Summer Collection.
Image courtesy Desire

You can also check their Facebook pages before paying them a visit. In addition, there are many Facebook pages that sell hijabs, so keep surfing till you get the right one! And yes, keep an eye out for exhibitions of online pages-this gives you the golden opportunity to find a number of things under the same roof. And as Sophie says in Confessions of a Shopaholic: “You can always find something you want!”

So all my hijabi divas, hurry and decide on which style you will be donning this Baishakh with graceful beauty!