Hollywood Actor Michael Enright Joins the Fight Against Islamic State

Michael Enright
Michael Enright in Pirates of the Carribbean: Dead Man's Chest

Unable to withstand the atrocities being committed by the IS, The Pirates of the Carribbean and Knight and Day star has joined the Kurdish People’s Protection Units to fight against the Islamic State.

In an interview with the Dubai-based channel Al Aan TV, Michael Enright said that he made his decisions after he watched the videos which demonstrated the be-headings of US journalists and that of a Jordanian pilot being burnt alive.


In the interview, Enright said, “”They need to be wiped off completely from the face of this earth,” while he also made his intentions clear with the statement “I didn’t come here to run, I came here to fight and if I have to die, then I die. I didn’t come here to play games.”