Interview with Ashinul Kabir Rajon, Founder of A. Kabir.R Fabrics


A few days ago, we organized a poll titled ‘Vote For The Best Online Clothing Store/Brand‘, we got an overwhelming response to say the least and we received 707 votes. With 195 votes, A. Kabir. R Fabrics were the champions, and as promised, we interviewed Mr. Ashinul Kabir Rajon, the founder of A. Kabir. R Fabrics. Here’s how it went:


1. When did you start the business and how did you come up with the idea?

Ashinul Kabir Rajon: This fabric business?…Uh…I started this business about three months ago. There are a lot of online stores in Bangladesh, but I thought of something new, something creative, like more colourful, something that the youth will like.


2. Who are your designers?

Ashinul Kabir Rajon: All of the employees, the designers, who made these wonderful designs, they are also a part of this youth nation. They can communicate properly. They also have the determination to work hard, and they are doing it for their own self- their designs are for their friends and family. They are also showing their creative sides. And they are all students. They are studying and doing a job at the same time. That is how it all came up. Coming to number 1, and everything that has happened, it is all their contribution, all their support. They are basically O level and A level students.


3. What is the theme that you ask your designers to focus on when designing t-shirts?

Ashinul Kabir Rajon: They make various types of designs. There are groups that submit various types of designs for the consignments that we have. When they submit to us every time we launch our project or consignments, every 3 or 4 months we are launching new products that they collect from internet or their own creation. The internet is the main thought that gets into their mind, helping to enhance their creativity. They take ideas from abroad designers, fashion weeks, type of youth products, how the designs are being maintained in Asia or Europe. However, we figured out, that whatever design could be found there is all a contribution of Bangladesh or Asia, Sri Lanka, China, Bangladesh- these are the countries that are contributing for Europe. So they are running on our work


4. What are the risks associated with this business?

Ashinul Kabir Rajon: There are lots of risks. The first risk is when we purchase the fabric. When the fabric comes, there are lots of defects in it. There are 200GSM fabrics, not we have to contribute 170 GSM fabrics. But for first consignment we had to launch for 200 GSM fabrics. So that was more costly, and the price is also high. So after studying the market, at this time we have figured it out that it is better to go for the low GSM in the Bangladesh market. So it’s better that we release low GSM fabrics, at least for t-shirts because the customers prefer medium GSM. SO that’s why we have problems deciding which GSM to use. When we started with 200 GSM it didn’t work out very well, but it was quite well, we have went through a breakeven but no profits in that. Now we have reduced it, we have seen that the company currently is growing up in online business.


5. What are the future plans regarding the business?

Ashinul Kabir Rajon: Future plans are to open the retails.


6. How do you feel after winning a poll that was so hardly contested?

Ashinul Kabir Rajon: I was also shocked , because I have just started this company before three months, that has reached people very quickly. We have a PR team that handles these things- conversation with the audience. So they have worked hard. I’m surprised, and shocked too. I didn’t know that I’m famous within three months.


7. Any messages for all the people who voted for you?

Ashinul Kabir Rajon: Thank you to all of them. I’m very glad that within three months they have appreciated my company, my work, our contribution to the youth. I’m so lucky that they voted for me. There were lots of other good companies too in online business. And I guess I’m lucky they have chosen me. I promise they will get different and youth-catching products from A Kabir R Fabrics, and we have decided to launch some new products also, and they are on the process. So our customers will soon get some new products from A K R Fabrics, and new surprises, too.

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