Meet the ‘Moo’- Factory Project


This week,, as part of our promotional campaign prior to the release of Factory Project, which is expected to be the biggest social game ever to be made as of yet, will bring forward to you the life story of one of the main pivotal characters in the game, Moo.

So who exactly is Moo? Moo is the inherited cow of George, the main character of the game. The game starts off with George inheriting a plot of land and a cow. Well the name of the particular cow is Moo. From the very beginning of the game, where George starts off as an impoverished farmer, Moo will act as a friend and a useful sidekick as George moves his way up the business world on the way to becoming the world’s largest business tycoon. Moo plays a much more crucial role in George’s life then what people might imagine. After the death of George’s father, and all what he was left with was a small plot of land and nothing else, George felt hopeless and despondent, and considered selling whatever was left behind to him. However on a stroll around the farm, George stumbled across the cute little cow, who was at the time a newly born calf with just a single strand of pink hair on the top of her hair. And instantly, more out of pure maternal instinct than anything else, George decided to protect the vulnerable cow, and make something out of what was left to him.

A generally fun loving cow who loves to be in the thick of the action as George goes about his daily business, she loves chewing on hay and producing milk to provide George so that he can get some much needed cash from the market during the initial stages of the game. As Moo grows up, her love for chocolate and blueberry creates problems for George while he takes care of his food industry. But more or less, Moo has been a useful companion wherever George has gone. Being the fun loving, jovial cow that she is, Moo will try to make an impression in the fashion industry, which is one of the main sections within the game, with some pretty hilarious and entertaining outcomes. Rumor has it that in the inbuilt snowball fight game, Moo will act as a shield in order to help you win the game!

Well readers interested in playing the game will have to wait, as the game is scheduled to get released this summer. In the meantime, readers can keep up to date with latest updates and possibly more information about Moo by “liking” the official facebook fanpage at You can also follow factory project on . For more information, visit . You can also subscribe to, for all the latest videos and trailers regarding the game.