“Our Motive is to Glorify the Concept of Gothic Metal in Bangladesh”-AggronympH


With their skull-crushing, head-banging performances catching eyes of many, we decided to sit down with AggronympH, the new name in our music industry which earned fame like a wildfire, and discussed about how things went right for them all the time. So, here how it was.

How did the name, “AggronympH” come up?

The band was previously named as Biothores. What happened was, this band faced a lot of problems and consequences were not pleasant. A lot of the original members left the band, so I and the others thought that it’s in the band’s best interest to change the name. This would also make us leave a history of a broken music behind us. So, we sat and thought a name. This one came up and it sounded cool to us. Everyone approved it, so we named it as “Aggronymph”

What is the reason behind choosing Gothic Metal as a genre?

The uniqueness of the genre attracted all of us, to be honest. No one ever tried this before, so we thought that it’s time we make a difference, and that’s the basic reason why we do this. Crunchy riffs, tearing the house down growls and screams, symphonic keyboard tones are things that everyone likes. So, we thought that it’s time we take the step forward and bring something to this country’s music scene that everyone wants, but they don’t get. Now, a lot might argue by saying that the nature of gothic rock that we do, for example covering Evanescence or Nightwish, is too soft for a band like us. Now, the point of 5 to 6 people doing music is because of the fact that they love music. These are bands that influenced us and these are the bands that we love covering. So, no matter what, we would go forward revolutionizing the music scene with these bands. Some also argue about the fact that we covering Eluveitie contradict our genre. Again, this band is like God to us and something that we grew up listening to and it does not matter that the band does folk metal, we love them and we try to cover their songs, in a way to appreciate their work. Some argue about the fact that we don’t follow our genres at all. We believe that a band needs to have its own sound; we believe that our influences give a completely new sound to present to this country. Some also say being Gothic is all about beat boxes, firstly, that’s wrong. Secondly, wait up; we have beat-boxes on our own composition. That sums it up, actually. We love what we do and we will keep doing that.

Over this short span of time, the band has seen faces of a lot of members. Who do they keep changing all the time?

Breaking this down to two layers; firstly, there were people in the band who lagged behind when compared with members, as far musical knowledge is concerned. Some faced the problems of contradicting musical tastes, a difference a band cannot have. Secondly, there were instances that some of the past members faced problems from their families. Parents crunching down on them so that they study hard, and let’s face it, whenever that happens, no one can leave their family and come and do music with us, so, we had our hands tied when these unfortunate unfolding of events took place.

Take a listen to AggronympH’s ‘Infected Love(Promo)’:

What does it take for a new band to reach the peak in our music industry?

Being able, being perfect, and being unique. You need to have some capabilities which can make your way through this scene and make you reach to the top. You need to be perfect at what you do, even if not perfect, you need to reach a certain level where you’re almost close to perfection. You obviously have to have a total different sound and a totally different flavor to present to the people. We saw a lot of bands covering Megadeth and the crowd getting bored of it too. Everyone with good abilities can play Megadeth but you need to have your sound, to make that one cover interesting for the crowd, even though, that track has been covered at least 4 times in the same show!

What is AggronympH’s future plan?

As far as the band is concerned, we are planning to do more and more shows, along with that, we are working on our own compositions we hope one of them will come out pretty soon in a mixed album. As far as continuing this genre is concerned, our motive is to glorify the concept of Gothic Metal in Bangladesh. We plan to release an album of our own so that it reaches the hands of the ordinary people, wanting a change, as far music is concerned. We believe, we can make our sound reach a lot of people in Bangladesh, who are not familiar with this concept and we believe they will like it.

What does Aggronymph consider to be the fundamental problem in between bands of our music industry? Does it hinder the development as a whole?

There a lot of bands, unlike what was in 2006. Most of these bands lack grammar, in whatever instruments they are playing. They lack knowledge of what they are playing and what they want to play. We saw a few bands going up on stage without even tuning their guitar, goes to show their lack of knowledge and experience about music. This, in return, has reduced the quality of our underground by a huge level, and I mean by a huge level. When we compared the situation with 2006, I did really mean that 2006 had the top-notch bands that this country has ever produced. We believe, this scene lacks grammar, and this is a problem that needs mending as soon as possible. What is happening now is one of the blunders of this country that no one cares, that is depressing, but at the end of the day, it is our responsibility to mend this.

Anything for your fans?

Fans would not be a good word to use. We are still a new band, at this stage; all of them are our supporters. Saying that, I would like to thank them for supporting us, appreciating the music we do and we request you all to come to our shows, and support us even more.

Doing music is one thing but trying your heart and soul to establish a new trend in the society is something worth applauding. 5 guys set out with one goal, establishing Gothic Metal as a new trend and Youthsparks wishes them all the best.

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