Network’s New TV Series Mr. Robot Will Make You Crave for it!!


Mr. Robot is an upcoming American Drama TV Series created by Sam Esmail, it will be put on air by USA Network and the first 10 episode season is supposed to hit Televisions on June 24th.

Elliot, the main protagonist of the story is going to be played by Rami Malek and the story is set upon him who serves as a cyber security engineer by the day while turns into a vigilante hacker by night. It’s kind of like Flash, but with realistic powers, that’s what makes it so awesome! Though set upon the classic plot of the protagonist and a few good guys against a mammoth organization called ‘Evil Corp’, the story is still expected to have a few uniqueness and twists of its own.

The hacking group acts out as the modern day Robin Hood Clan, and hacks the bank accounts of members of the Evil Corp (Who happen to be the top one percent of the one percent) and redistributes a huge sum of money to the ones who need it and the story starts to unfold after that.

Though the Pilot does not hit USA till june, you can still watch the episode from May 27th to June 24th through an array of English and Hispanic VOD, digital and TVE platforms, such as Xfinity on Demand, iTunes, Amazon, XBOX, Google Play, Vudu, Playstation, M-GO, YouTube and Hulu. The pilot will also be available through several media outlets – including, Twitch, Crave Online, IMDb,,,, and – through June 5th.

And for the rest of the world, well, you know, you can always “Take” it from the internet. 😉