A Panini Experience – Panini Dhaka

Panini (3)
Panini (3)

You want to walk into a cafe and be filled with a sense of serenity, not surrounded with the typical, noisy and overcrowded swarm of people; you want to relax, sip a cup of espresso and catch up with an old friend or maybe you just want to chill with your buddies, enjoy good food and have a nice time – then “Panini” is the place where you belong.


Panini is a Deli inspired Cafe, serving fresh and delicious fine food. Their menu is diverse, serving both savory delights and deserts but, as their name suggests, they primarily specialize in the famous Italian dish, “Panini”.

The Feel

When you first walk into Panini, you will be taken aback by the beautiful contemporary Gothic décor – stunning black Chandeliers, Jewel-toned fountain wallpapers, leather Couches and Victorian inspired armchairs. For some it might just feel or sound a bit expensive or way over your budget? – But Panini surprises you with its price range. It isn’t cheap but its food prices are certainly relatively lower considerate to the cozy and posh ambiance you get provided with.

Panini (5)
Panini (5)


The Food

It is needless to say that what you can highly expect at “Panini” are Paninis. They have two selection of Paninis- “Savory Panini” and “Sweet Panini”. The Savories are absolute delight – making various taste profiles on each Panini combining different flavors. As I am a cheese fanatic, any Panini they had with cheese were my favorite! The Paninis “Luigis Tuna Melt” and “Pan Bagna” for me were memorable. If you want to find your “memorable”, then there are various Paninis which you can choose from – even a vegetarian one! But if you are a person with a big sweet tooth, then the “Sweet Panini” will be a treat for you. They have a limited selection for now but their “Peach & Chocolate Panini” is a must try. It fills all the ticks of sweet joy with its juicy peaches and rich hazelnut chocolate sauce perfectly married together, plus a bonus point – It is Tk. 350 only. If you know your cheese well, then you might not like their “Mascarpone surprise” Panini, because for me it was more like “Cheddar surprise”. But all together though they have a good Panini menu.

Not in a mood for Panini? In that case Panini also has various other savory dishes and desserts to amuse you with. Just turn the menu and you will find the “Chefs Specials” and “Desserts” to provide you with them. There are Pasta, Caribbean dishes like “Jambalaya” & “Paela” to Brownies, Chocolate Tarts, Cheese Cake and much more.


The Highlight

Even though it is named Panini and their Paninis are delicious, for me the highlight was the “Panini’s Guido Burger” (Even my foodie bunch of friends agree too). “Panini’s Guido Burger” has an exquisite juicy ground beef patty topped with cheese, tomato, lettuce, pickles and onions (all the things we love) into a perfect package inside a soft toasted sesame bun. When you put a bite on it, it really melts down in your mouth, I almost felt like how Marshall had described his perfect burger in “How I Met Your Mother”.

You may not feel the same as me, but if you go to Panini then the “Panini Guido Burger” is definitely a grab.

Panini (2)

Panini (2)


Last words, Panini Dhaka serving an unusual combination of cozy and posh ambiance along with delicious food is definitely worth going and giving it a try.