Samsung Claims Wi-Fi Breakthrough!


In a short statement released on Sunday, Samsung Electronics claims to have made a breakthrough in Wi-Fi technology that could allow for a 1GB file to be downloaded in under three seconds.


The company also claims that their new technology offers a five-fold increase in speed compared to that provided by existing devices. It also said that the company has bridged the gap between theoretical and actual speeds creating a technology that is 10 times faster than the existing 2.4GHz and 5GHz Wi-Fi devices. Another upside of this existing technology is that it eliminates interference from nearby cellphones and tablets. The company hopes to bring the device to the mass market in the near future.


While there are a lot of positive things about this new technology, there’s also a very grim downside, having high-speed Wi-Fi technologies don’t speed up your broadband connection, only your home/work/area internal network. For your browsing speeds to get faster, your broadband company will have to get behind this technology as well.


The effective range for the whole 60GHz experience is very short, its only about 15 feet. So, yeah, if you are in the next room from this device, you probably wont be able to use the device to its maximum availability. It would be good for sharing content between a device and a TV, but it wouldn’t blanket an area like current Wi-Fi technologies can.

Samsung wishes to apply the new Wi-Fi standard to audio-visual and medical devices, telecommunications equipment, and it will be an“integral to developments relevant to the Samsung Smart Home and other initiatives related to the Internet of Things,” according to the company.