Shakira to Perform in Dhaka this Winter!

Shakira Dhaka

The Colombian superstar Shakira will be performing in a concert this winter in Dhaka. Swapan Chowdhury, the chairman of Antar Showbiz has confirmed the news.

Sources from Antar Showbiz has also informed journalists that she will be performing some of her most superhit songs including Waka Waka, La la la la, and Hips dont lie, she will be bringing her 1.5 year old son, Milan Piqué Mebarak, however, whether she will be accompanied by the father of the son, Gerard Pique, or not has not yet been confirmed.

This will be Shakira’s second tour to Bangladesh, her first visit was back in 2008, when she was working as an ambassador for UNICEF and visited a few SIDR ravaged regions of Bangladesh.

Antar Showbiz has previously brought Shahrukh Khan to the country back in 2010. Shwapan Chowdhury said “We are going to arrange a big international concert this winter. But, nothing except for the artists is finalized yet. We will select the venue and other matters within this month of August, 2014. So, we hope, you will get a winter gig this year! Besides, an event of the Miss World 2014 may also be held in Bangladesh.”

Sources also say that the ticket prices are going to be immense (Above 4000tk or more), so our recommendation would be to start saving up for it early!


Updates: The concert was postponed due to sponsorship related problems and word is that it will be held at summer 2015.

Shakira Dhaka