Slumdog Millionaire superstar Rubina Ali (Latika) Went Homeless


Rubina Ali who did the role of young Latika in the Oscar winning film directed by Hollywood director Danny Boyle, ‘Slumdog Millionaire’, went homeless after a recent huge fire broke out in the suburban area of Bandra, Mumbai,.

The fire broke out at night and damaged many homes of the slums. No casualities were reported but Rubina lost her belongings and memories associated with the film.

“We all were at home watching TV when a neighbour came to alert us about the fire. We all rushed out. We spent the entire night at the railway station,” Rubina said.

“I have lost everything including books and precious belongings like photographs, newspaper clippings and memorabilia of the film.

“So far nobody has come to help us.”

While Rubina’s father said, “We feel relieved to see that all our family members are safe. But all the good memories of my daughter’s fame have been reduced to ashes. We have lost everything.”