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With the advent of facebook and its 800 million unique users, social gaming has shifted to another platform. Previously, social gaming was simply confined to a small niche of gamers who had to create their own online networks in order to play, and this restricted their popularity to an extent. When facebook opened their platforms for games to be played in their social website, a number of social gaming companies saw the growth potential this opening had. In fact, many of the present leaders in the market started their companies as a result of this.

All in all, proper hindsight from the various companies has meant that the industry has seen a boom that initially was unimaginable. The various companies oversaw the fact that creating a social network of players to play the games with was easy, and needed simply an online invitation form to those in their friends list. The overall simplicity of the new emerging games meant that with it no longer being an unwanted hassle dealing with the gameplay, many newer players, most of whom who wouldotherwise never have had considered social gaming entered the scene, and immediately got hooked. Previously social gaming required a very fast internet connection (which until the mid 2000s was prohibitively expensive) and in most cases the creation of an external network in order to play. All that is now needed is a moderately fast internet access, and an account in facebook. The concept of community gaming on facebook has also been a major factor, as it has allowed friends to catch up with one another, sending each other gifts and favors, as well as providing an opportunity for the gamer to make new friends within the game.

A relative newcomer into the social gaming scene, Rise Up Labs, who have worked with mobile applications with a humble level of success, are trying to capitalize on the recent popularity of social gaming by launching their own game “Factory Project”, which is due to be released coming summer. It is believed that the game will usher a new era in social gaming with its mind blowing graphics and interactive gameplay, with features revolutionary in the world of social gaming, such as the ability to move between different screens in game scenarios and the introduction of interactive climate systems within the game- a first for a social game. Players will have the luxury of enjoying 3D graphics in many of the scenes, as well as unique indoor scenes such as a barn and various offices. Factory Project will also provide unique game features such as the ability to borrow money from a bank in order to finance his conquests and missions as well as the actual use of an in-game television channel to provide players with the latest news which may help them with their in-game decision making. Players will also have to adjust their decisions, keeping into mind real life scenarios which may manifest themselves inside the game at any time. All of this was considered while maintaining the main motto of social gaming- connecting players through a common medium. It is believed that the game will reach out to more than simply social gamers, such as mainstream gamers, who will be attracted by the definite storyline, and the fact that the game has a definite starting point, and a point where, once all objectives have been completed, the game ends.

Of course, interested readers will be able to play the game coming summer. Until then they can up to date with updates, teasers and a general idea of what the game may look like on the official website . Viewers can also join the official facebook fanpage at subscribe to updates at the official twitter account at

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