Summery Hairdos to try – Summer Hairstyles

Summer Hairstyle
Summer Hairstyle

Unlike the residents of Winterfell those of us belonging to this South Asian sub-continent are more fearful of the summer. The sun in its burning glory makes no mistake in making our lives terrible. The problem is a tad bit more for girls/ women cause we have to deal with our glorious longgg hair(which a/q to my granny is a mark of beauty too) and no not every one of us would care or dare to go for a bob. While we cannot have the Sun tone down its heat we certainly can try to adjust our daily routine in a way to beat the heat.

So for those girls who find it too de-glam to do the regular rolled up bun or are tired of those ubiquitous bumpy humps here are a few hair DIYs they could try to not only show their back to the heat (Pun intended) but also jazz up their look this summer.


Side Fishtail

Side Fishtail
Side Fishtail

Well you must have watched several glam icons at the red carpet sporting this sexy braid – which looks extremely difficult but is as simple to do. Suitable for both middle length and long hair here are the steps to this weaved sensation:

  • Gather all your hair to one side and part them equally so that you hold each section with your either hands.
  • Pull a thin strand of hair from outside of the left section, pull it over and add it up with the right section.
  • Repeat step 2 but now start with a strand from the right side- pull the strand over and join it with the left section.
  • Continue up-till your desired length and you can also play with the width of your strands to add more texture to your braid
  • . Once done you can pull the edges outwardly to give more volume to the already sexy plait.

Tip: Take thin strands for getting the best look otherwise it might end up looking like the regular braids.
This might seem tedious at first but once you get it right you’ll become fast and can get it done like anytime


Knotted Braid/Bun

Knotted Braid
Knotted Braid

Well this one is extremely simple to do where you just make a series of knots into a braid. Yet if you want the steps:

  • Start with grasping all your hair to one side.
  • Divide hair into two sections- symmetry is your choice
  • Now do a regular knot where you cross the two sections and pull the top section over the other and bring it back through the divide.
  • You will be left with two sections again and make another knot with those
  • Continue with the knots till you get a braid formed through the knots
  • You can either have tight knots or loose ones depending on whichever looks better on you
  • Secondly you can either fine comb your hair at the start to get a neat look or opt for a messier one
  • In Order to get a bun just roll up the braid atop and pin it up with some bobby pins which shall result in a messy bun look too.


Bobby Pinned Updo

Bobby Pinned Updo
Bobby Pinned Updo

 This is not one particular hairstyle but a range of which can be further modified by you. But before you try them make sure you have got yourself a new set of bobby pins because you will need a lot of them. Like mentioned there are several different ways of doing it but I’m going to set down the steps for one such beautiful updo which you can do by just using bobby pins and elastics.

  • leave your bangs loose, and secure the top half of your hair into a pony or just clip it with pins
  • Now you have to work with the loose hair at the bottom half including your ponytail- take one inch thick hair from any side and twist it to a roll all the way to the scalp and secure with a bobby pin.
  • Do it with the rest of your hair and you will end up with several swirled tiny buns.
  • As you roll the strands back make sure you pin it tightly and not leave out long edges swaying out.
  • You can either have the hair rolled back to their original root or gather the rolls at one side to give the impression of a side bun

If your hair is layered the look will be a little messier since the shorter strands would probably sway out which is of course sexier any day. This look can be achieved on any length of hair short medium or long.

As you try these hairstyles you’ll probably figure out how substantial changes can be brought to the look by modifying one or two element- may be just by alternating the side or volume of hair you play with. Be bold with your fashion- try something new this summer and surprise your friends experimenting with a different hairdo everyday.