Support Musicians, Stop Downloading Albums!


Underground bands/crews always dream of having their own solo album. They work together for years, go through all the problems in the world, perform in numerous concerts, always stay dedicated to their music and dream of stepping up to the mainstream. After years of hard work, they get to have a chance to make up their own solo album, and after undergoing a period of excruciating mental pressure and tensions, they get to release the album. What Happens Then? Within, 24 hours of release, the album is put up on websites to be downloaded for free, people rush in to download the album, why buy it when you can have it for free, isnt it?? And before you know it, the dream of a group of people’s lifetimes is washed away…

Let me tell you why, since the album is now put up for downloading free on various websites, most people download the album from online, while the albums in the markets sit idle. The album might be an awesome one, but the market sticks a label of ‘flop’ on it because of not having good sales, have you ever realized, how demoralising that is for the artists who put their very best into the album?

Our music industry has already lost plenty of talented musicians because of this reason, they worked for years to release an album and rise from the underground, and although they put up an album which blow everyone’s minds off, they still have to hear the word ‘flop’, the musicians ultimately start blaming themselves, they think that they are just not good enough, and as time passes, they move away from the music industry and once a rockstar becomes a 9-5 office going man leading an adventureless and mundane life.

In my life, I have seen many rock/metal/hip hop artists, who have released their debut album, and even if the critics praised them, 50% of their albums remain unsold in the market, this breaks them down so much, that afterwards most of them does not think that music is the right career for them, they drift away. Even if they do hold themselves strong and work twice as harder for another album, they do not get the chance to release it because most labels/producers do not will to take the risk of working with so called ‘flop (!)’ artists.

Let me put up a scenario for you: Suppose you are a member of a very talented rock band, and you guys worked your asses off for 4-5 years and then you get to impress a production house who are willing to produce your solo album, so you guys give your very best and push yourselves to the very limit to produce the album. A week after producing the album, you call up the production house and get to know that more than 50% of your albums are unsold. You dont know what went wrong, you start surfing the net and then find your album put up on websites to be downloaded for free! How would you feel? Let us also suppose now, that you still keep on making music, but then years after, you realize that most production houses call you a flop and are not willing to work with you.. How would you feel then???

I dont know the principles and ethics of certain website administrators that put up a latest album to be downloaded for free, lets just say that they are ethic less, greedy, twisted minded people, all they are concerned about is business not about the future of music, but what about the people who download the albums from those sites?? Look, its about time we realize these facts, you should not download an album as long as it is in the market, is it that expensive???? :S….. I would not like to think so.. if you like a certain band/crew, cant you go through a simple process of as to going into the market or your closest music store and buy it?? If you cant, then i got to ask, what kind of a music fan are you??

You might ask, what about the people who lives abroad, well, albums nowadays are available on (or other online music stores) as well, if you do live abroad then you probably have a credit card or at least a paypal account, so you can buy it online.

Music makes us smile, makes us remember our loved ones, calms us down, soothes our mind, gives us peace, makes us forget a hard day at the office, can you even imagine a life without music??? I dont know about you, but well, at least I cant, which is why i am having trouble tolerating the unfair treatment of the talented creators of music in our country.

From now on, whenever an album is released, it is my request to you, please buy it, dont wait to download it… If you do not change, then i hate to say it, but i think that many more talented bands/crews/musicians will be pushed towards extinction.

I dont have anything else to tell you people about this, guess i have explained enough, if I was rude, then forgive me, but the truth is always bitter isnt it?? Hopefully from the next time onwards, you will think twice before downloading a whole album, if you do have any sort of ways to buy the album, then buy it, please dont download it, but if you have no other ways of listening to the album without downloading it, then go for it.

If you have been patient enough to read this line, then thank you! And if you found truth in my words then please spread the word. Lets not let any of our beloved musicians to drift away, we love all our rock, metal, pop, and hip hop artists. We do not want them to share the same unfortunate fates as the talented musicians we have lost before.