The Online Dessert Revolution / Desserts on Facebook


Desserts on Facebook, it couldn’t get better for lazy foodies like me. In-fact it’s great for all the foodies around the town. Sit in your home… surf through more than hundreds of cakes… and order it in on the day you need it. What can get better than this? You can no longer miss a cake for your special peoples on their special days or for yourself. And the best part in all of this, is that the best cakes of the town are actually online. These Facebook Dessert pages are run by talented and skilled bakers who have come up with innovative, delicious and stunning desserts for all events and everyone’s sweet cravings. And here I am going to review four of the towns’ outstanding online dessert bakeries.



This new online bakery with a homemade feel to their cakes is absolutely a treat for people with a sweet tooth. It has got a beautiful range of cupcakes and brownies delighting everyone’s taste buds. It is bringing in classic flavors and combining them differently to bring in a new taste and freshness to their desserts. We will find classical flavors yet unique combinations like red velvet cake with royal icing, chocolate cupcake with jam and chocolate butter crème, lemon brownie with coconut shavings and many more. Another very interesting aspect of this bakery are their quirky and unique names like Mila Kunis, Drive me nuts, Lick my Lips and Spill your Beans. Better than me telling you about these interesting named cupcakes is you to check them out by yourself on its page.

Another great fact about this bakery is that their desserts are described with their prices which completely enables you to be in control of how much you are spending. Also their price range is quite moderate compared to other bakeries. The only downside to this bakery I can see is their small range of desserts but as they are a new bakery we could expect to see a lot more various desserts coming in the future.


Uniqueness: Two very unique flavors not available in other general bakeries.

Mila Kunis (Chili Brownies) & Pistachio Disguisey (Pistachio Cupcake)





The Cake Chateau

This is a bakery which as it says about itself delightfully makes made-from-scratch custom-made cakes and cookies designed to suit your taste and desire. All their desserts are custom made which means that The Cake Chateau makes you, your own unique customized cake or cookies depending on your occasion like birthdays, weddings, anniversaries etc.  All their cakes consists of ever classic flavors like chocolate, vanilla, strawberry etc. with beautiful butter cream fillings but what makes The Cake Chateau’s cakes truly very special is its creative cake decorations. It can make 3-tired & 5 tired couture wedding cakes with beautiful fondant and royal icing work to a jungle themed novelty cake with tiny edible fondant animals on it.

One of the most memorable cakes of The Cake Chateau was their “Meena Bazaar” cake which was made for the opening of Gulshan Meena Bazaar. That beautiful cake was so intricately designed that it was like a real replica of a Meena Bazaar store. Also one of the most amazing part of the cake was that we could open it from above to see inside the cake which was decorated like the interior of a real Meena Bazaar store with tiny fruit and vegetable stalls.

The Cake Chateau is truly a delightful bakery with beautiful and delicious custom-made cakes you would want for the special days of your special people.

Uniqueness: Over the top, Amazing dessert decorations and cake structuring.



The Cake Chateau:




This culinary eatery by two beautiful talented ladies is absolutely a place to taste. Delicious homemade food with professional touches, totally makes ChainS foods to be die for. Beyond just desserts ChainS caters all sort of food from savory to sweet. Pizza, Pastas, Burgers, Grills, Coffee, Milkshakes and of course Cakes & Deserts… they have it all. There is no denying that ChainS cakes on the variety profile are one of the most innovative in the town. They have taken and combined various traditional deserts with untraditional flavors to create some uniquely distinct deserts true to ChainS essence of serving innovative taste to their customers. Along with the traditional we will also find some distinct cakes in their menu like Tiramisu, Cookie and Cream, Blueberry Cheese cake, Strawberry Cheese cake, Mocha and the list goes on. I will only recommend you to go to its page and see much more of the interesting deserts.

ChainS delicious and stunning desserts has taken them radically on the catering lists of the famous. They have had the chance to cater for the Chittagong Kings team- 2013’s BPL finalists’ team party this BPL season (pretty cool).

ChainS innovative taste, professional cake styling and great quality makes it perfect for your special occasions catering. You and your loved ones will be in treat with its delicious cakes and lip-smacking food.

Uniqueness: A large flavor range on all sorts of dishes and not so available in the town desserts like- Chocolate Biscuit Pudding, Cake pops, Butter Croissant Pudding etc.


ChainS :


Des’ree Daily Desserts

Des’ree, Perhaps without any question could be considered among the best bakeries in town. It truly knows what it brings to the crowd- outstanding flavor combinations with vibrant, elegant and supreme presentation. Either its brownies, cupcakes, cakes, tarts, scones or muffins, their desserts are rapidly winning the hearts of the crowd. It is a master in all of its desserts and are only coming up with further better ones. Their dessert flavor profiles traditional or innovative are utterly off the charts; they are introducing in avant-garde combinations like mint brownies and Dark chocolate cherry cakes, and people are absolutely loving them.

Its brownies with a diverse flavor range are absolute smackers and cheese cakes entirely to die for. Des’ree’s cupcakes are mini delights to everyone’s taste buds and excellent eye pleaser like High-hell cupcakes, lollipops studded cupcakes and rose cupcakes. Also, they have a Cocktail & Mocktail inspired cupcake array (which they like to call “curtails”) such as. Tequila Sunrise, Cosmopolitan, rum & coke etc.

One of Des’ree’s best aspect is. It is always up-to-dating its menu with new desserts and styles. They always come with seasonal desserts like Valentines cupcake boxes, Arabian sweets like Basbousa, Sfeeha for Shab-e-barat to cakes for Eid.

Des’ree Daily desserts is a bakery for all occasions and indulges- fulfilling your deep desires of sweet cravings and charming your day up. So all I am going to say is to leave right now and check out their page.

Uniqueness: Diverse flavors on all desserts, very traditional cakes made in an innovative manner and outstanding cake decoration.


Des’ree Daily Desserts: