‘Third album, YES, we made a promise and we are going to keep it’ Skibkhan


Skibkhan, a name well-known to the worldwide followers of Bangladeshi Hip Hop, he is one of the artists who laid the foundations to our hip hop industry, and is the most successful mainstream artist in our industry at the moment. Recently, he has been away from the scene, we contacted him for an online interview for his fans and our readers to catch up with him. We inboxed him our questions and he was kind enough to answer the questions:

1. You have been away from the scene for quite a long time now, any specific reasons for that?

Skibkhan: Yeah, education and the traffic system.

2. Some say that this absence is a mark that you have decided to put an end to your career as a musician, some say that its because the Deshi MCs are planning their third album and are busy with it. What have you got to say about both of these rumors?

Skibkhan: About the third album yes we made a promise and we are going to keep it. And about me ending my career, it was never a career in the first place..

3. BD HIP HOP industry has changed a lot since the time you stepped into it, it has got a lot busy than before, what are your thoughts on the current potential of this genre in our nation? What do you think about the overall current state of BD Hip Hop?

Skibkhan: Well I think its existing because it has to, there were some positive attempts and some good music but it just could’nt keep up. Plus the concerts aint frequent or well equipped to increase the hype.. that’s all.

4. You have been a part of a lot of mixed albums, have you made any plans for a solo album? Or making one with other featured artists?

Skibkhan: Yeah why not?

5. How would you define your journey with hip hop so far? You know, after all you achieved, fans you made, things that you went through, the ups and the downs…

Skibkhan: Well everything that happened all the positives and negatives I just learned one thing, DTA. Don’t trust anyone. Apart from that, I believe I can spread the message across with my songs. And I believe Hip Hop can be used to change a lot of things..

6. Where do you want to see yourself in 10 years time?

Skibkhan: Album and song wise I really do not know but I hope that I will still continue to write lyrics..

7. Any words for all your fans out there? Will they be able to hear you anytime soon?

Skibkhan: I want to give a shout to all my fans for staying with me and supporting me all these years, and yes I write everyday at least a bar and im going to come back wen I feel it’s the right time. Peace.