Wacky styles in fashion now!


Thanks to superstars like Lady GaGa and Rihanna, bright & loud colours in makeup and wacky “out of place” accessories have made a firm place in today’s fashion trends. To some people, this just might sound insane, but we can try out these things ourselves too! We just have to be careful about how we carry it out. So this one is for you all out there who want to try out something different and eccentric.

Let’s start with the classic red nail polish. Certain things never go out of style and red nail polish is one of them. It usually looks good with gorgeous gowns or sarees, but we want to break the rules! Keep it monochrome or spill in some more colours like purple or maybe even yellow. Green, electric blue, silver are great colours for nails too. Try it out anytime but apply nail polish in two coats and always use quality products. If you are more into nail art, accessories your nails with pretty, shiny stones and stickers.

Who doesn’t like a shimmering and prominent pair of high heels? They are ever so sexy, conspicuous and best way to complete a look. In case of heels, there are many options. Tie-ups, stilettos, plain pencils heels etc are available in many colours and designs but my advice would be to wear shoes of one solid colour that compliments the colour of your clothing. Obviously you want it to be “stand out” but you don’t want to look like a clown either! Red stilettos are the best in my eyes, but there is a whole array of colours you can choose from. They look great with jeans, salwar and sarees too.

If you don’t want to go through all that judging and choosing of colours, just throw all your girl stuff, books and other necessaries in a spacious, colourful bag and you are set to catch some eyes! Like our teen superstar Venessa hudgens. Try balloon bags in blue, green or any colour, shape & design you like. These are really helpful and stylish at the same time so it’s best for busy women who have a lot to do outside and don’t have enough time to think about looking hip.
Rule One For wackiness:

never try out all these things at once. Keep the other accessories low when you are concentrating on flaunting one in particular.
Rule two For wackiness:

always make sure you are comfortable in what you are wearing. Thats the magic rule of stylish.
Rule three for wackiness

try to be original. Do not copy your favourite star directly. Remember that this is not hollywood.

So go ahead and try these out. Be a Rockstar…